Webinar: Top 3 Things Every CMO Should Know About Patient Engagement in 2019

January 11, 2019 | By Wendy Bartlett

Webinar_ Top 3 Things Every CMO Should Know About Patient Engagement in 2019

Improving safety, quality, and the patient experience are core goals for most hospital Chief Medical Officers. As a CMO, you are involved in your organization’s cultural changes - like the transition to value-based care – and that can place you in a position to ensure return on investment.

To keep pace with on-going change and quality payment program requirements, you must be nimble in your ability to transform to serve and engage your patients. We are presenting an educational webinar that demonstrates the role patient engagement should play in meeting the needs of your organization in 2019 on Tuesday, January 15 at 11:00am EST.

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Patient engagement is more than a buzz word, trend or line item on a meeting agenda. Patient engagement is fundamental to the success of every healthcare organization.

Our webinar explains why patient engagement is a process, not a product, and how two patients with the same clinical and financial situation can have dramatically different outcomes based on their engagement levels. We show you how your organization can:

1) Automate patient engagement campaigns that reduce the manual efforts of your care team

2) Boost ROI by:

  • Decreasing readmission rates
  • Reducing no-shows
  • Increasing medication and care adherence
  • Saving time and resources
  • Increasing QPP performance and reimbursements
  • Activating patients to manage their health, thereby improving outcomes and driving down costs.

3) Implement strategies that leverage your data to effectively drive action across your organization and achieve population health goals

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