Tidewater Physician Multispecialty Group: InteliChart’s Patient Portal Migration Utility

Tidewater Physician Multispecialty Group Selects InteliChart’s Patient Portal

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Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group (TPMG) is a network of 220 providers across 85 office locations in southeastern Virginia using the Nextgen EHR and EPM systems.

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Established 1992

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85 Locations

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220+ Providers

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30+ Specialties

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Tidewater was apprehensive about transitioning to a new portal due to concerns over patients transitioning and migrating to a new portal and the potential effect the conversion might have on their Meaningful Use (MU) metrics.


Tidewater used InteliChart’s Patient Portal Migration Utility to seamlessly transition to the new portal.

When a healthcare organization has to manually register patients as part of switching portals, it’s not only a tedious process, but they run the risk of losing the engagement they’ve established with patients.

Using InteliChart’s automated migration utility TPMG was able to painlessly transfer patients from their old portal to InteliChart’s Patient Portal.



"InteliChart developed an avenue to completely automate the registration process for patients who are already using your portal."

“As long as patient e-mails and phone numbers are on file, registration is accomplished without any intervention from staff. It’s easy and painless.” - Will Cantrell, Director of Product Solutions at InteliChart.

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Initially, 85,000 patients were successfully migrated to InteliChart’s Patient Portal and Tidewater’s MU metrics quickly returned to their previous level of 97%.

When it comes to new or unregistered patients, a username and password must be created and then authenticated by the practice to activate portal access.

The migration tool allowed Tidewater to send a blast message (emphasizing it was not spam) to communicate the portal conversion to their patients with an invitation link to all currently registered patients.

“Before our very eyes, we could see the growing number of patients who clicked the link once they received the invitation,” said Hope Owens, LPN, NCP, Director of Systems Implementation and Support at TPMG.

“Between InteliChart’s migration process and their historical data management, we felt like we had a running start,” added Owens. “Being able to have all our existing patients registered for the portal and all their historical health data - appointments, medications, labs, allergies, documents - brought forward on day one, instead of starting from scratch, was a major relief.”

Meaningful Use Concerns

InteliChart’s migration utility also allayed the anxiety Tidewater had in terms of the impact portal conversion might have on their Meaningful Use metrics.

“As someone in charge of Meaningful Use and PHI, transitioning to a new portal caused me serious concern,” said Owens.

“But I saw first-hand how InteliChart’s migration utility quickly took our MU numbers from ground zero right back to pre-conversion levels, so I encourage other people in my position to put that fear aside."

"The fact that InteliChart offers this tool contributed monumentally to our successful portal conversion.”

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Easing the transition to a new portal

Migrating already-registered patients is only one part of the overall transition to InteliChart’s Patient Portal.

InteliChart also eases the conversion by configuring all clinical and demographic data from the former vendor system to the new portal, making data transfer seamless to the organization and the patient.

“We have plenty of experience transitioning clients to our portal,” added Cantrell. “The majority of clients are transitioning from a legacy portal that no longer meets their needs.

We developed a Portal Toolkit to help clients navigate the process with minimal impact to their patients and staff. The kit guides clients through gap analysis, recommendations on how to increase staff adoption, scripts on how to engage patients based on role, and a sample patient survey that elicits feedback from your patients to identify what features are most important to them.”

What’s Next for Tidewater?

“Our positive experience with InteliChart and their Patient Portal has us looking forward to adding more solutions from their comprehensive platform as we build our patient engagement initiatives,” stated Owens.

“We see real value in having one vendor with multiple solutions that efficiently manage our patients. The simplicity of not bouncing between applications, as well as the consistency of all our solutions being on one unified platform, drove our decision to choose InteliChart.”

The strong partnership Tidewater has with InteliChart is enabling them to continue their leadership in the community and effectively meet the needs of their patients in the current climate of healthcare consumerism and value-based care.


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