Patient Management Workflows

Efficiently manage the entire patient journey

Proactive, effective patient management is essential in today’s competitive healthcare landscape—but it often takes a backseat to other day-to-day tasks. Let InteliChart take on the heavy lifting for you with a comprehensive suite of patient engagement solutions that will transform your patient management workflows.


Eliminate manual patient management workflows

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Simplify and enhance patient management

Manual patient management workflows are time-consuming and repetitive, and they leave a lot of room for human error. With Healthy Outcomes, you can easily automate the management of patients and their health information throughout all stages of the care journey. That’s orchestrated engagement at its finest.


Deliver a more streamlined patient experience

Modern consumers and patients can tell how organized a healthcare practice is, and they’re less likely to choose yours if they spot inefficient and inadequate processes. Embrace automation to simplify workflows and deliver a more positive, streamlined experience that keeps patients coming back.


Improve satisfaction, retention, and outcomes

With better, more strategic patient management comes greater satisfaction, increased retention, and more positive health outcomes overall. Patient-centric engagement technology gives healthcare practices the tools they need to effectively engage patients and stay connected between visits.

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How InteliChart transforms patient management workflows


Scheduling patients over the phone is a cumbersome process for patients and staff alike. Our convenient, 24/7 self-scheduling solutions automate your appointment management workflows for a more efficient, streamlined experience that your patients will love. 

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Get more patients using your portal without creating additional administrative burdens for your staff. InteliChart's patient portal is purpose-built with powerful automation that will painlessly migrate your already-registered patients to our portal and prompt new patients  to create an account via our text-based auto enrollment feature. 

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The intake process is often one of the most tedious parts of the entire patient journey—but with InteliChart, it doesn't have to be. Our intake solution digitizes all of your paper forms, so your patients can conveniently fill them out before their appointments. Patient data syncs directly to your EHR or practice management system in real time, reducing manual data entry for staff. 

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Stop wasting valuable time confirming appointments manually. InteliChart's automated notification solution enables you to deliver on-demand appointment reminders to your patients via text, email, or phone—whichever they prefer. This frees up staff time while reducing costly no-shows. 

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Streamline the collection of patient-reported outcomes and gather important feedback about your practice via our automated patient survey solution. Surveys are completely customizable and can be easily sent to specific patient populations based on any data set, including diagnosis, procedure, symptom, demographic, or payer type.

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