Specialty Care

Solutions for cohesive patient engagement and workflow efficiency   

When your specialty care practice has the tools to operate efficiently, you can focus on patient care instead of mundane, time-consuming administrative tasks. 

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Specialty care engagement challenges

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Disjointed patient engagement

As a healthcare provider, you may have obtained a product for your patient portal, another for intake, another for reminders, and still others for surveys and population health. Consolidate your patient engagement with InteliChart to provide the services and convenience your patients have come to expect. 




Labor-intensive workflows

Manual workflows for patient intake, appointment reminders, population health initiatives, and other administrative tasks often lead to frustration for both patients and providers. Using integrated patient engagement technology lets your organization focus on patient care and not paperwork, leading to better health outcomes. 



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Patient retention

Engaging the patient throughout their healthcare journey—from provider search and online scheduling to post-visit surveys and 24/7 information access—enhances the patient experience and generates loyalty. 

Healthcare Technology Drives Innovation in Specialty Care.

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How InteliChart helps specialty care providers

Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform

The solutions on our Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform were designed and developed as a collective solution that share a common infrastructure and data foundation. Our unified engagement platform enables you to work with a single vendor to deploy multiple solutions that work in unison to boost patient satisfaction and improve health outcomes. 

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patient insurance form

Integrate insurance verification into your pre-visit and day-of-appointment workflows. Use accurate insurance details to collect the appropriate copay at the time of service. 

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patient intake form

Say goodbye to manual patient intake workflows. Automate patient intake so forms can be completed online, and patients get checked in quickly. Avoid human error caused by rekeying patient demographics and improve claim accuracy. 

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provider schedules

Reduce appointment no-shows by automating appointment reminders according to your patients’ preference of email, text, or phone call. Fill open slots quickly with real-time schedule updates to keep your day moving. 

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a telehealth visit

Offer convenient virtual visits for patients and family members who can't make it to the office. Streamline provider workflows with a solution that’s fully integrated into your EHR and practice management system.

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Patient Portal

InteliChart’s Patient Portal puts all your patients’ health information at their fingertips with an intuitive design that's available 24/7. Our portal delivers the functionalities patients have come to expect and reduces administrative burdens so providers can concentrate on their patients' health.  

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 InteliChart's population health solution automates engagement activities for your desired populations, empowering them to take action to improve their health. The result is improved health outcomes for your patients and better quality performance metrics for your practice. 

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