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Streamline provider workflows and deliver healthier outcomes

Many healthcare organizations struggle with inefficient workflows and technology that lacks synergy. These administrative burdens take valuable time away from what matters most—delivering quality care. That's where InteliChart comes in.

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Overcome the most complex and tedious workflows

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Alleviate inefficiencies and remove patient engagement roadblocks

Outdated, manual provider workflows can slow down internal operations and get in the way of even the best laid engagement strategies. As modern healthcare consumer expectations grow and evolve, practices must rely on the right technology to streamline workflows and ultimately free up providers to focus more of their attention on what matters most: delivering top-quality care. 

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Ease administrative burdens with automation

Automating manual workflows helps to ease the administrative burden on providers and practice staff. As a result, providers can spend less time on administrative work and more on big-picture initiatives, such as managing the health of populations and addressing social determinants of health.

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Prevent caregiver burnout and boost employee morale

Research shows that more than 16% of a physician's time is spent on tedious administrative tasks. These time-consuming processes can reduce morale and leave staff feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Putting the right technology in place to streamline your day-to-day operations will help reduce turnover within your organization and ensure a consistent care experience for your patients. 

What Practices Need to Know About Simplifying Workflows:

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How InteliChart streamlines provider workflows

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Eliminate manual workflows that lead to unnecessary inefficiencies, delays, and accidental errors. Our suite of patient engagement solutions can digitize and automate your most tedious workflows, including scheduling, registration, outreach, and more.    


Your providers' schedules drive efficiency and patient satisfaction. Over-bookings can lead to long wait times and burnout, while under-bookings lead to wasted physician time and lost revenue. Eliminate the risk of these costly scheduling mishaps while reducing administrative burdens for your staff with our convenient self-scheduling capabilities.

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With InteliChart, connecting with your patients in-between visits doesn't have to be another arduous item on your to-do list. Whether you want to share general wellness advice with all of your patients at once or personally reach out to a single patient based on an element of their clinical chart, our engagement solutions enable you to deliver on-demand communications via email, text, or text.

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Tracking and managing patients in accordance with quality payment programs and value-based care initiatives is often a manual, inefficient process. Streamline your population health efforts by accessing a patient's social determinants of health alongside their clinical record and automating the delivery of information to patients as needed.

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Telehealth is a modern convenience that healthcare consumers have come to expect. InteliChart's telehealth solution emulates a digital version of your physical practice and ensures that your current workflows are maintained. That means you can offer more convenient experiences for your patients without overextending your staff.

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