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One platform for all your patient engagement and population health needs

There are plenty of challenges in primary care today. InteliChart is by your side with a smart patient engagement platform for primary care offices that streamlines workflows, caters to the patient consumer mindset, and helps you reach value-based care goals.

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Primary care engagement challenges

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Manual, inefficient tasks

Primary care staff members need an environment that’s productive and reduces the burden of tedious administrative tasks. Our platform automates your practice workflows associated with patient management, such as: portal registration, appointment reminders, patient intake and check-in, appointment scheduling, post-visit surveys, and population health efforts. All our solutions integrate to efficiently support your mission to drive healthy patient outcomes.

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Patient satisfaction

To compete with the recent surge of nontraditional providers of primary care, patient engagement is not just a nicety; it’s a necessity. Today’s patients are savvy and bring high expectations to their healthcare experience. Satisfy and retain them with engagement that is meaningful, convenient, and delivered on their own terms.

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Patient care management

Managing high-risk patients is a cornerstone of primary care. With Patient Activate, you can automate your patient care management based on any component of their clinical record including diagnosis, lab values, vitals, medications, or visit information. Equipped with the right data and dashboard monitoring, you can stratify risk and easily track patient performance against your outcome goals. And that’s a win, especially when it comes to improving patient care management and quality metrics for value-based care.

Primary Health Providers Have Experienced the Difference Firsthand

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How InteliChart helps primary care providers

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Patient Schedule is a customized online scheduling solution that lets healthcare consumers quickly schedule appointments anytime, anywhere without downloading an app or setting up an account. InteliChart’s seamless, two-way integration adapts to all your practice scheduling rules so provider openings can be filled faster and more accurately than ever before. No more unwanted overbookings and scheduling mishaps!

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appointment reminders on phone

Patient Notify delivers appointment reminders according to the patient’s preference of email, text, or phone call. Confirming appointments reduces no-shows and helps maximize provider scheduling. Plus, cancellations are quickly filled with real-time schedule updates.

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patient intake form

Patient Intake automatically delivers the appropriate electronic forms to your patients so they can conveniently complete them at home, in the car, or in your lobby. No more scanning paper forms or fussing with clipboards! Use filters to deliver workflow-configured education documents and consents. Increase claims accuracy with data delivered directly to your EHR or practice management system.

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Patient Portal

InteliChart’s Patient Portal is the healthcare hub your patients tap into for all the information they need to be active participants in their care—medical records, lab results, appointments, provider messages, and relevant forms. Our portal is intuitive and patients actually use it. The result: significantly fewer calls to your practice.

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Patient Activate generates more patient touches with less burden on your staff. Automated engagement drives your population health efforts and nurtures positive patient outcomes. Customized outreach campaigns encourage patients to take their medications, follow through with their referrals, or see if they have questions about their care plan. Care managers can easily define populations, target their most complex patients, and identify rising-risk patients.

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