Population Health and Patient Outcomes

A proactive, patient-centric population health management solution 

Population health management plays a crucial role in the nation's transition to value-based care. Improve health outcomes with the right patient engagement solutions. 

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Improve patient outcomes with the right technology

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Create targeted, effective campaigns that prevent costly health emergencies

Value-based care reimbursement models were developed to incentivize healthcare organizations to prevent costly health emergencies and reduce costs associated with chronic disease management. InteliChart supports your population health goals with smart, automated patient health monitoring features to facilitate timely interventions and deliver patient education to populations who need it most. 

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Foster stronger communication with patients between visits

Without regular communication from their healthcare provider, patients disengage. Patients who receive targeted messages about their care tend to show up for annual wellness exams, take their medications as prescribed, and attend follow-up appointments to reduce the risk of untreated medical conditions. InteliChart’s patient engagement solutions offer a user-friendly platform that encourages patients to actively engage in their healthcare experience without increasing administrative burdens for your staff. 

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Improve health and your bottom line with patient engagement

Patient engagement accelerates the patient journey to wellness and decreases the number of intensive interventions required for at-risk populations. To create effective campaigns, healthcare providers need to easily pinpoint patient populations and then cost-effectively deliver the tools and information they need to stay healthy. InteliChart's patient engagement solutions work seamlessly together to reduce no-shows, decrease readmission rates, and save time and money with more effective strategies.

Deliver quality patient care through holistic population health initiatives.

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How InteliChart supports your population health goals

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When patient data lives in multiple systems, delivering highly relevant interventions can be challenging. InteliChart's enterprise capabilities combine data from disparate EHR's into a single view so you can easily monitor health initiatives across your enterprise.

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Our extensive query capabilities enable you to define patient populations with unlimited criteria, including social determinants of health. Because our solutions seamlessly integrate with your EHR, selecting patients across a broad set of criteria is an easy process.

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Build rules-based campaigns that define interventions and automatically deliver them via phone call, letter, postcard, email, text, or survey. Campaigns only need to be created once, and interventions will automatically be sent to any new at-risk patients.

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Our population health solution continually scans multiple databases to stratify risk levels and predict which patients are candidates for disease onset. Once identified, steps can be taken to keep those at-risk patients from getting sick in the first place.

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Our robust reporting and benchmarking allows data analysis at the patient, provider, and organizational levels. Equipped with the right data and dashboard monitoring, you can quickly spot care gaps and track patient performance against your outcome goals.

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Automate communication with your patients to increase adherence with medications, referrals, self-care, and discharge instructions, while reducing administrative burdens for your staff. Outreach is customized based on patient preference, including email, text, phone call, or even direct mail. 

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