Skilled Nursing and Senior Living

Involve families in the health of their loved ones

Differentiate your organization and demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your residents by offering Family Portal to their loved ones

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Long-term care engagement challenges

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Involving and informing family members

Families often struggle to know how best to support a loved one who is in long-term care. Give family members a convenient, secure portal that provides all the information they need to stay current with how their loved one is doing in your care facility. 

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Facility communication

Your staff members’ plates are always full. Reduce their workloads by enabling them to communicate with family members via automated text, email, and IVR phone calls. 

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Reputation management

Powerful yet simple solutions for keeping families up to date with their loved one’s health status sets you apart from competitors, and family members will remember this when they review and rate you online. 

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How InteliChart helps long-term care facilities

Family Portal

easy online access for family members to stay abreast of their loved one’s overall health. Families can
securely message your staff and monitor their loved one’s functional and cognitive status, medication adherence, care plan details, activity calendars, upcoming medical appointments, and meal consumption—no matter how far away they live from your facility. 

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Our Patient Notify solution automates c
ommunication with your residents' family members and delivers bill-pay reminders that guide them through a secure, easy-to-use bill-pay system. 

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Our Patient Survey solution makes it simple to gain insight into a family’s opinion of
the care you’re giving their loved one. Customize your surveys to get the insight you need and drive positive feedback to social sites to boost online ratings. 

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With Family Portal, multiple caregivers can have access to information about their loved one
so everyone is on the same page. A message board gives everyone on the account a place to exchange concerns, observations, and progress related to their family member.

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Patient Portal

doesn’t have to mean disconnection. Give your residents’ family members peace of mind by providing a modern digital experience for staying engaged and connected, regardless of the distance involved.

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