Multi-Specialty Care

Digital patient engagement platform solutions for coordinated care 

Reach your multi-specialty organization's goal of treating the whole patient with patient engagement solutions that create efficiencies for your staff and a seamless patient experience. 

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Multi-specialty care engagement challenges

Disparate EHR systems

Disparate EHR systems

Many multi-specialty care organizations have grown over time and use different systems for different specialties. InteliChart's robust API integrates disparate EHR systems into a single platform, so all patient engagement can be managed and monitored from one central location. Patient-inputted data flows directly into the patient record and is stored in your EHR. 

doctor working on Specialty-specific engagement workflows

Specialty-specific engagement workflows

Caring for a wide age range of patients with varying diagnoses and specialty needs requires a dynamic engagement solution. Our Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform gives you the ability to customize your engagement workflows based on specialty, appointment types, patient age and gender, diagnosis or procedure types, and even payer types.

frustrated patient with Disjointed patient engagement

Disjointed patient engagement

Managing multiple specialties with a diverse patient base requires multiple engagement solutions to accommodate the needs for your patients and your practice. InteliChart eliminates the need for multiple systems to facilitate your engagement needs. We deliver eight different patient engagement solutions within the same platform, resulting in an experience that's cohesive for your patients and staff alike.

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How InteliChart helps multi-specialty care providers

a patient portal

InteliChart’s Patient Portal is the comprehensive digital patient engagement platform solution your patients expect from their providers. Our portal is convenient and intuitive—and that means fewer calls to your practice to schedule appointments, make refill requests, and ask for patient records.

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a patient payment collection form

Automate insurance eligibility verification to ensure you collect the right copay while the patient is in the office. Easily embed insurance verification into scheduling and patient intake workflows. 

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a patient intake form

Pre-appointment completion of digital forms means patients spend less time in your waiting room while you avoid human error caused by rekeying patient demographic information. All patient information from digital forms is stored within your EHR's patient record.

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improved patient health

Use surveys and targeted population health interventions to capture patient-reported outcomes, monitor value-based care health metrics, and gauge patient satisfaction.

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Patient eHealth

Increase access to care with easy-to-use virtual visits when patients are unable to come to your office. Streamline staff workflows with a solution that’s fully integrated to your practice management system and EHR, keeping workflows consistent across operations.

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Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform

The solutions on our Healthy Outcomes platform work in unison to boost patient satisfaction and create better health outcomes. Streamline your operational workflows to create a smoother patient journey across the continuum of care.

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