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Comparing Patient Engagement Software

Delivering an exceptional patient experience is more than a nice-to-have—it’s a must in healthcare today.

Amid the rise of healthcare consumerism—not to mention emerging technologies and compliance requirements—practices and providers are continually looking for ways to meet patients’ dynamic, ever-evolving expectations.

In order to do so, many healthcare practices and electronic health record (EHR) vendors are adapting their technologies to accommodate modern consumers’ changing needs. That’s where patient engagement solutions come in; helping practices and providers improve the care experience to keep patients happy, healthy, and loyal.

Additionally, EHR vendors are integrating patient engagement technology to enhance their offerings, giving said practices and providers the tools they need to succeed without spending countless time, money, and resources developing the solutions themselves.

Not all patient engagement platforms are equally effective or beneficial. Let’s compare the different patient engagement technologies on the market today and discuss the key differentiators that set InteliChart apart.


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Vendor Comparison

Comparing the Best Patient Engagement Software


Intelichart logo Solution Reach Relatient Phreesia Luma Health Artera ezAccess
Online scheduling
Homegrown engagement suite
Automated appointment reminders
Insurance eligibility verification
Digital intake and registration
Patient portal
Telehealth Appointments
Broadcast Messaging
Two-Way Communication

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What to Look for in a Patient Engagement Platform & Partner 

Your patient engagement partner should provide platform features and accompanying services to set your practice (or EHR solution) up for success. InteliChart offers:

Homegrown Suite Of Engagement Solutions

Many patient engagement vendors offer solutions obtained during either an acquisition or partnership. This ultimately ends up equating to a platform of
disparate, disjointed products that struggle to communicate or work well together, which can lead to friction for both practices and patients.

That’s not our style at InteliChart. We’ve built our engagement solutions from the ground up, leveraging industry and technological expertise to deploy a unified
suite of tools that were intentionally designed to work together seamlessly. Having this common foundation allows for greater efficiency and functionality, improving the patient experience and simplifying provider workflows.

An Easy, Modern User Experience (UX)

UX plays a very important role in software adoption. Even the most comprehensive solution will not be useful or beneficial if a user can’t find what they need or figure out how to access certain features. Unfortunately, many of the patient engagement solutions on the market have clunky, outdated user
interfaces (UI) and poor UX.

We’ve designed our platform with exactly this in mind. InteliChart’s solutions are clean, modern, and easy to use. In fact, we get compliments from users all the
time on our user-friendly interface and experience. (And if you need technical support or additional training, we’re always available—but more on that soon!)


Simple Configuration and Implementation

Getting started with InteliChart is simple: Our experienced implementation team provides top-notch support for practices, providers, and vendor partners every step of the way, working with customers to assess pain points and develop workflows. With our support, implementation typically takes 6-8 weeks, depending on your chosen approach and the size of your organization.

Transitioning from another patient portal solution? We’ll migrate historical data, route inbox messaging, and automatically enroll new patients. In fact, we provide a portal tool kit that’s full of best practices to streamline the entire migration process, including a gap analysis, sample surveys, tips for increasing staff adoption, and even scripts on how to engage patients based on your role.

Seamless Integration with Leading EHR & PMS Solutions

Integrating with our Healthy Outcomes solution allows you to gain access to one, some, or all of our leading patient engagement solutions. In other words, with
just a single application programming interface (API) integration, you can utilize numerous solutions, including Patient Portal, Family Portal, Patient Schedule, Patient Intake, Patient Notify, Patient Survey, Patient eHealth, and Patient Activate.

We’ll help deploy a single, painless integration that’s fully functional from day one—meaning you can eliminate and consolidate other integrations to work with one dedicated patient engagement vendor. Plus, InteliChart maintains a complete integration, with no additional technical requirements necessary to connect to
your EHR and practice management system (PMS).

Exceptional Customer Training & Support

We’ll never just get you set up and then leave you to fend for yourself—and no reputable vendor would. Practice staff can choose to attend either short, live training, or recorded sessions that are tailored to their role. Following the initial implementation stage, our responsive, in-house support team—no, we never
outsource!—is available to help if any questions or issues come up.

Ongoing Product Research and Development

It’s not enough to offer a top-quality product and then quit developing it. Our commitment to launching new features as modern healthcare consumers’ needs evolve ensures your engagement technology always delivers what patients are looking for. Better yet, we don’t believe in guesswork; our upgrades and enhancements are determined after extensive product and industry research. We’re experts at what we do.

Full Platform of Patient Engagement Solutions

Working with multiple technology vendors increases practice staff workloads and contributes to burnout. The ability to work with a single vendor—such as
InteliChart—that offers patient engagement across each touch point in the healthcare journey can help to reduce workloads, minimize burnout, and deliver a full platform of solutions to accommodate evolving patient and consumer needs.


Achieve Healthy Outcomes with InteliChart

InteliChart's award-winning patient engagement platform offers all the features and functionality you need to engage patients at every stage of their patient journey. See how you can reduce vendor sprawl, increase patient satisfaction, and streamline workflows.

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