Patient Revenue Cycle

Increase claims accuracy and get paid faster

Increase patient satisfaction with engagement tools that avoid manual rekeying of patient information, reduce time in the waiting room, and help you get paid.

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Overcome common patient revenue cycle challenges

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Reduce payment headaches

For many patients, the administrative tasks required for their visit cause the most frustration. Long phone hold times to schedule an appointment and claim denials due to incorrect information manually rekeyed into the patient record create a negative experience before the patient even arrives for their visit. 

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Improve the patient experience with self-service technology

Hospitals and clinics have an opportunity to increase patient satisfaction levels through robust self-service technologies. In fact, the revenue cycle depends entirely on the patient experience. Given high-deductible health plans, patients now pay a larger percentage of their healthcare out of pocket and think like consumers. Healthcare organizations must provide the same level of technology patients experience in other industries, or they will shop around for a provider that can meet their expectations. 

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Streamline RCM workflows with patient engagement

The right patient engagement technologies can play an active role in improving the overall experience for patients and streamline healthcare revenue cycle workflows along the way. With self-service technologies, patients can lead the way in everything from appointment scheduling to payment collection. 

InteliChart paves the way for better healthcare revenue cycles and patient experiences.

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How InteliChart improves revenue cycle management


The best time for patients to pay copays is at the time of visit. With Patient Schedule, insurance edibility and verification can be integrated into your pre-visit workflows to ensure accurate patient copays and avoid after-visit statements.

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Incorrect patient demographics are one of the main reasons for claims denials. Avoid manual rekeying mistakes and save time in the waiting room by digitizing patient registration forms with Patient Intake. All information inputted by the patient is saved to your EHR's patient record, so you have accurate information moving forward.

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Decrease days in A/R with Patient Notify. Reach out to your patients via their preferred method of text, email, or phone call to remind them an outstanding balance is due. InteliChart streamlines the online payment process to make paying their balance hassle-free. 

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Patients hate long phone wait times to schedule appointments or speak to a billing specialist. Use our industry-leading Patient Portal to give patients 24/7 access to appointments, account information, and secure messaging.  

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