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“The InteliChart solutions have streamlined the patient experience, making them happier as well as staff.”

Liz Jankowski
Medical Representative, Orthopedic Associates of Central Jersey
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Why does patient engagement require a full platform?

When patients are engaged, they’re more likely to achieve positive health outcomes and to take a more active role in their care—but healthcare practices need the right technology to meet evolving consumer expectations and engage patients at each stage of their health journey. That’s Healthy Outcomes.

The situation

Providers must understand their patients to help them overcome care obstacles. Customized patient engagement leads to better clinical and financial outcomes.

At-Risk Patient Who Receives No Communication
At-Risk Patient Who Receives Targeted Messages
Avoiding a doctor's visit
Avoids doctor visits
annual wellness exam
Shows up for annual wellness exam
admitted to the ER
Admitted to ER for a health crisis
catches warning signs
Catches warning signs early
Doesn’t remember discharge instructions
text reminders
Receives customized care reminders
never picks up prescription
Never picks up prescription
picks up and takes medicine
Picks up and takes medication as prescribed
hospital bed
Readmitted for avoidable crisis
follow-up visit with doctor
Comes back for follow-up
Disengaged Patient
Engaged Patient
Schedules doctor’s visit
Schedules doctor’s visit
Does not answer manual phone call reminder
text reminders
Receives automated text reminder
No-show for appointment
calendar conflict
Notices scheduling conflict 
in advance
phone on hold
Sits on hold trying to reschedule
online scheduling
Easily reschedules in 
online portal
hospital paperwork
Must arrive early to fill 
out paperwork
digital check-in
Leverages quick digital
 check-in process
negative prescription
Doesn’t complete the recommended medication plan
positive prescription
Takes medication as prescribed with reminders
does not pay bill
Forgets to pay, bill sent to collections
pay bill online
Receives notification and pays bill online, on time
does not return to doctor
Never returns to practice
doctor exam
Refers friends and family to practice

Benefits of InteliChart's Healthy Outcomes platform

Modern healthcare consumers expect convenience, flexibility, transparency, and the ability to interact with providers on their own terms. Healthy Outcomes makes this possible, offering numerous benefits for practices and EHR partners, including:

patient medical records

Enhanced patient experience

With a full platform of engagement solutions at your disposal, you can deliver a better patient experience that checks every box. Healthy Outcomes offers the digital capabilities today’s healthcare consumers want and expect from their providers.

patient workflows

Simplified practice workflows

Streamlining and simplifying practice workflows has never been easier. Healthy Outcomes automates time-intensive, manual workflows, easing the administrative burden for practice staff and freeing up time to focus on delivering superior care.

man scheduling appointent

Seamless system integration

A single, direct API integration yields access to an entire platform of patient engagement solutions. From scheduling to visit to post-visit survey, Healthy Outcomes offers all the tools you need to engage your patients.

Patient engagement solutions within the Healthy Outcomes platform

Healthy Outcomes Patient Portal Patient Schedule Patient Intake Patient Notify Family Portal Patient Survey Patient Activate Patient eHealth

Patient Portal

Give patients instant access to their entire clinical record via an intuitive and well-designed healthcare hub. Patient Portal seamlessly integrates with our other engagement solutions, creating a convenient and cohesive experience for patients.

Explore Patient Portal

Patient Schedule

Enable patients to quickly schedule appointments after searching and selecting a provider online, without logging into an account or downloading an app. Meanwhile, avoid unwanted overbookings and scheduling mishaps via our two-way integration with your EHR. 

Explore Patient Schedule

Patient Intake

Give patients the convenience to check in for their visit from their home, the parking lot, or your waiting room. Providers will enjoy streamlined patient processing workflows by digitizing and automating the entire intake process. 

Explore Patient Intake

Patient Notify

Automate appointment reminders, confirmations, and organizational announcements via call, text, email, or within the Patient Portal. Maximize staff efficiency and increase profitability by eliminating manual patient communication workflows.

Explore Patient Notify

Family Portal

Empower families to manage the health of a loved one who is in long-term care, skilled nursing, or a rehabilitation facility. Family Portal offers the same easy-to-use and modern portal experience as our Patient Portal.  

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Patient Survey

Automatically measure patient satisfaction and capture patient-reported outcomes with completely customizable surveys. Send surveys to target populations and create automated events based on survey responses. 

Explore Patient Schedule

Patient Activate

Say goodbye to manual and inefficient population health initiatives and motivate your patients to become active participants in their own health. Automate meaningful engagement between visits using simple yet powerful tools that enable you precisely identify patients to manage, monitor, and intervene with.

Explore Patient Activate

Patient eHealth

Provide a fully integrated virtual care experience that emulates a digital version of your physical practice. With options for 1:1 or group visits, providers and staff will appreciate not having to leave their current systems or workflows, while patients will love the convenience and simplicity of our telehealth solution.

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