Patient Engagement Issues to Watch in 2023

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We recently held an exclusive executive roundtable discussion on Patient Engagement Issues to Watch in 2023.  

At the round table discussion two important topics impacting EHRs in 2023 were covered: 

How EHRs can protect their end-users from information blocking complaints  

Since the information blocking rule went into effect in 2021, over 400 complaints have been lodged with the OIG against providers – we’ll examine EHRs’ role in protecting their end-users from complaints.  

How CMS’s proposed digital pre-authorization API initiative will affect EHRs, providers, and patients 

On December 7, 2022, CMS proposed a new API integration that will facilitate pre-authorizations. Learn more about its repercussions before the March 13, 2023, comment period deadline.  

Members of the roundtable include: 

  • Dr. Susan Kressly – Dr. Susan Kressly is a board-certified pediatrician and past medical director of Office Practicum. Sue has held many volunteer leadership roles at the American Academy of Pediatrics in practice management, health IT, quality improvement, innovation, and practice transformation. In addition, she adds her medical expertise and advocacy voice to national health IT conversations including HIMSS, ONC workgroups, EHRA, and others.
  • Will Cantrell, Director of Product Research & Analytics, InteliChart – Will has extensive experience building new patient engagement products and bringing them to market. As a member of InteliChart’s Thought Leadership Team, he channels his passion for problem solving into solutions for EHR partners, healthcare organizations, and patients.  
  • Scott Merryman, VP of Partner Development, InteliChart - Scott has over 25 years of helping health care organizations optimize their patient engagement and patient satisfaction goals.

To learn more about patient engagement’s role in these important subjects, and how that will affect healthcare technology, watch the on-demand webinar below.