Strategies for Optimizing the Patient Journey with InteliChart  


Your patients’ growing demand for convenience, coupled with rising competition from other practices offering digital solutions, makes it paramount to offer the self-service tools today’s modern patient-as-consumer expects.   

 Yet, many healthcare providers face a common challenge: the technology they’ve implemented to facilitate these interactions falls short, often plagued by clunky interfaces, a lack of features/functionality, or limited configuration options. 

The result is underutilized technology that leaves patients feeling disconnected and staff feeling frustrated—the very things they were trying to avoid in the first place. 

Watch the on-demand webinar and we'll show you how to avoid these pitfalls and deliver the straightforward and convenient experiences patients want, without creating more work for staff.   

During the webinar, you’ll learn:  

  • The key components of an optimized patient journey  
  • Red flags indicating your current technology might be falling short  
  • How to create a frictionless patient journey using InteliChart’s award-winning solutions 

We showcase a range of products, including our fully digital intake experience, flexible online scheduling, secure two-way messaging, automated post-visit surveys, and more! 

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