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A single solution for all your patient engagement needs

In recent years, patient engagement has been gaining ground as a core competency in healthcare, but InteliChart was ahead of the curve. We've been at the forefront of patient engagement since 2010.

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Solve your toughest patient engagement challenges

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Deliver care experiences that align with your patients' expectations

Modern healthcare consumers expect seamless, user-friendly experiences from their providers, both in-person and digital. However, many patient engagement solutions on the market lack the advanced, must-have features that are essential for meeting consumer expectations—which can lead to missed opportunities, increased patient churn, and, ultimately, poor health outcomes.

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Foster stronger engagement with a unified, patient-centric platform

Forget about using multiple subpar engagement solutions that don’t talk to each other and fall short of patient and practice expectations. Unified, patient-centric engagement platforms like Healthy Outcomes that integrate seamlessly with leading EHRs empower healthcare practices to engage patients more effectively and efficiently while also offering the care experience they’re looking for.

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Focus on healthy outcomes while simplifying engagement workflows

Increasing patient engagement doesn’t need to mean increasing your workload, staff, or time spent. Healthy Outcomes automates many of the manual workflows that are often time-intensive and error-prone—not to mention ineffective. With simplified practice workflows, your staff members can spend less time on redundant tasks and more on exceptional patient care.

Patient engagement, reimagined—brought to you by experts.

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Why InteliChart for patient engagement?


With InteliChart, you don't need to leverage multiple vendors for your patient engagement initiatives. We offer a powerful suite of solutions to satisfy all your engagement needs. Our products were purposefully built to work seamlessly together, creating a cohesive experience for your patients while eliminating the headaches associated with disparate engagement solutions for your staff. 

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Our patient engagement solutions integrate with over 30 of the industry's leading EHRs, including Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, NextGen, athenahealth, and more. We're continually adding new EHR partners to our repertoire, ensuring our patient engagement solutions are accessible to an array healthcare providers. 

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A single, easy-to-implement API connection is all you’ll need to access our full suite of patient engagement solutions. We'll be there for you every step of the way—from initial implementation to rollout with your patients and beyond—to ensure you're getting the most out of your investment. 

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The Healthy Outcomes platform features eight powerful engagement solutions that span the entire patient journey, from pre-visit paperwork to post-visit summaries and follow-ups. With touchpoints before, during, and after the office visit, healthcare practices can offer an enhanced patient experience that meets the needs of today's patients, generates loyalty, and improves health outcomes.


Mastering patient engagement goes beyond simply offering technology to your patients. It requires a predictable, intuitive, and cohesive experience that empowers patients to become active participants in their own care. The Healthy Outcomes platform does just that, streamlining all your engagement touchpoints within a modern and well-designed patient portal. 


Although our patient engagement solutions were designed to work in unison, they can work independently of one another, too. Depending on your organization’s goals and plans for future growth, you can offer your patients one, some, or all of our engagement solutions.

Patient engagement, reimagined—brought to you by experts.

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