Upgrading EHR with Patient Engagement Tools

Enhance your EHR with fewer resources in less time

Adding premier patient engagement solutions to your EHR will help your organization gain a competitive edge. Get new products to market more quickly by partnering with a proven leader in patient engagement technology. That's InteliChart. 

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Benefits to partnering for patient engagement

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Optimize development resources and mitigate client churn

EHR companies must balance the need for patient engagement technology with the need to make necessary enhancements to their existing products. Focus on innovating your core product—the EHR—while working with InteliChart to fulfill all of your patient engagement needs. With less time spent on new product development, you'll optimize resources, maintain a competitive advantage, and create a system that turns customers into loyal advocates.

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Improve top-line and bottom-line revenue impact

Developing patient engagement solutions internally is a significant investment for EHR companies. In addition to labor, technology, and data costs, you can anticipate spending at least 14-18 months building a basic, minimally viable product. Partnering with InteliChart for your engagement needs not only shields you from incurring unnecessary costs but also increases your speed-to-market. The result is crystal-clear top- and bottom-line revenue impact. 

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Achieve product excellence without overburdening your team

InteliChart's Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform is consistently evolving to meet the needs of today’s patients and the provider organizations that care for them. As our partner, you can rest easy knowing that you're offering your customers the most innovative engagement technology on the market without having to do any of the heavy lifting.

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How InteliChart enhances your EHR

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InteliChart's Healthy Outcomes platform is the only patient engagement solution on the market that caters to every stage of the patient journey. Our eight engagement solutions were purpose-built to work in unison with one another, eliminating workflow headaches for your customers and improving experiences for their patients. 

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As our partner, you can white label any of our products. That means your customers can experience our market-leading patient engagement platform under the familiarity of your brand name. 


Integration with your EHR is a simple and painless process. You can access all eight of our engagement solutions via a single API connection. 

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Our platform was designed to grow with you as your patient engagement goals evolve. Each of our solutions can be used independently of one another or combined to support more comprehensive engagement strategies. 

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Our solutions are updated on a quarterly basis to address the evolving needs of patients and the healthcare organizations that treat them. You'll know exactly what's changed prior to a release so you can communicate those changes to your customers. 

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