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Welcome to InteliChart's Interactive Patient Journey!

Meet Sarah.... 

Sarah is a 35-year-old busy mother of two who is experiencing symptoms such as increased thirst, frequent urination, and fatigue. She decides to visit a doctor to find out what is wrong.

This short, interactive experience follows our fictional patient throughout her entire healthcare journey – from choosing a new provider to post-visit follow-up – and explores the role of InteliChart technology in helping Sarah on her road to wellness.

You are currently here in Sarah's journey....

Pre Visit
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Sarah has always considered herself to be a healthy person. She eats well, exercises regularly, and doesn’t have any major health problems. So, Sarah hasn’t visited a doctor since COVID because her previous provider has retired. After an online search, she finds a provider she thinks will be a good fit.   

Enter InteliChart. Engaging with Sarah from the start of her healthcare journey using the functionalities of our Healthy Outcomes platform gives her the convenience she needs to move forward.

She clicks a link from her chosen provider’s Google Business Listing and finds that she doesn’t need to be an established patient to make an appointment with InteliChart’s Patient Schedule, so she books the next available time slot. 

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Follow-Up Text

Sarah soon receives a text letting her know her appointment has been confirmed with a link to add it to her calendar.  A few days before her appointment, she receives another appointment reminder with a link to check in.

Since Sarah has scheduled an appointment during her workday, she wants to spend as little time as possible in the doctor’s office so she follows the link and begins filling out her intake forms. She realizes she needs to pick her daughters up from soccer practice, so saves her forms so she can complete them later in the evening. 

With InteliChart, patients can fill out intake forms anywhere – at home, via a mobile device, or in the waiting room. Information can be saved as you go, so picking up from where you left off is easy if you can’t complete all the forms in one sitting.  

Staying connected has never been easier

Appointment Reminders

Sarah is relieved that making an appointment and filling out the forms is so easy. She’s looking forward to her appointment and knowing what is wrong, but worries that with her busy schedule, she might become distracted and miss her visit.  

InteliChart has Sarah covered. Our Patient Notify tool sends her automated reminders leading up to her appointment. The next morning when Sarah checks her email, she sees that she’s received a message from her provider inviting her to create a portal account, but since she’s late for work she doesn’t open the message.

Key Products Used for 'Pre-Visit' Engagement

 Patient Schedule

Convenient appointment self-scheduling for patients

Nearly 75% of appointments are made after business hours, and many patients now expect online appointment scheduling from their provider. Patient Schedule enables your practice to streamline office visits with customizable decision trees that make booking the right appointment quick and easy for patients.


Patient Notify

Patient appointment reminders for a busy world

Your patientare busy, and even the well-intentioned can forget to show up for important appointmentsEnd the frustration and cost of no-shows by automating appointment reminders and confirmations with Patient Notify.

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