Behavioral Health

Effective patient engagement builds trust and better health

Behavioral healthcare providers need a solid strategy to stay connected to their patients between visits. A comprehensive patient engagement platform is the solution.

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Behavioral health engagement challenges

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Time between visits

For many patients receiving behavioral healthcare, the times between visits can be challenging. Creating multiple patient touchpoints with post-visit surveys and population health campaigns can help you monitor progress and build trust. 



Staff burnout

Healthcare workers of every kind are leaving the field in substantial numbers. Automating time-consuming administrative processes such as patient intake and appointment scheduling can help ease staff burnout and increase employee retention

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Limited funding

As a behavioral healthcare provider, you are often at the mercy of limited funding streams, and you need to keep your eye on the bottom line. Our solutions give your patients easy access to their medical information and empower your staff to spend time on patient care, not paperwork.

How InteliChart helps behavioral health providers

Patient eHealth

Patient eHealth
gives your patients access to virtual care with no apps to download or accounts to set up. In addition to being able to handle multiple participants at once, Patient eHealth emulates a digital version of your physical practice and maintains your current workflows, so there’s no disruption to the way you process patients or how providers document in their EHR.

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Patient Portal

Patient Portal is the healthcare hub your patients tap into for all the information they
need to be active participants in their care. They can request medication refills and view their medical records, lab results, upcoming appointments, and relevant educational materials. Our portal is convenient and intuitive, and patients actually use it. The result: significantly fewer calls to your practice.

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Patient Schedule

Patient Schedule is a customizable online scheduling solution that lets patients quickly schedule appointments anytime and anywhere.
InteliChart’s seamless, two-way integration adapts to all your practice scheduling rules so provider openings can be filled faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Patient Notify delivers appointment reminders
and organizational announcements according to the patient’s preference of email, text, or phone call. Confirming appointments decreases no-shows, and real-time schedule updates keep you in the know when appointments are cancelled. 

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Patient Survey

Patient Survey empowers you to gain valuable insight into your patients’ functional status
and allows you to automate events based on survey responses. For example, if a patient indicates they are struggling, an event can be triggered to alert a staff member.

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Patient Activate

Patient Activate generates more touches with your patients with less burden on your staff.
Whether managing a very specific group of patients or several large populations, our simple yet powerful tools define parameters that pinpoint patients to manage and monitor. Automated outreach campaigns can be customized to offer helpful resources or to encourage patients to take their medications or follow their care plans.

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Treat patient health outcomes using a wide-angle lens. When you address patient behavioral health, you can offer more comprehensive solutions and bring about more positive health outcomes that include mental and emotional wellness.

Grant patients access to and management of upcoming appointments. Open lines of communication so that patients can receive accurate and up-to-date reports about their behavioral care.
Provide regular reports based on patient outcomes. Encourage patient engagement and regular feedback using tools like PatientNotify and PatientSurvey.
Present patients with cumulative summaries of their healthcare diagnosis and treatment plans so they can play an active role in achieving and maintaining positive health outcomes.

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