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Engagement solutions for the modern healthcare consumer

Modern consumers demand convenience, whether they're shopping online or choosing a healthcare provider. Stand out from the competition and effortlessly deliver a patient-centric experience that meets these evolving needs with InteliChart's patient engagement solutions.


Overcome common consumer healthcare challenges

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Stand out in an increasingly competitive market

Today’s healthcare consumers are savvier and more technologically sophisticated than ever before. They demand convenience and seamless digital experiences when managing their health. With an increasing number of giant retail and technology companies entering the healthcare space, meeting consumer expectations is essential for practices to engage patients and remain competitive.

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Offer a seamless care experience at every stage of the patient journey

The right patient engagement technology arms healthcare practices with the tools they need to deliver the seamless care experiences today’s healthcare consumers want and expect. With touchpoints at each stage of the patient journey, you’ll more than just meet expectations—you’ll exceed them.

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Attract and retain loyal patients who will advocate for your organization

Patient loyalty serves as the foundation of healthcare profitability. With the right patient engagement solutions in place, you can enhance your organization’s patient management efforts and turn your existing patients into loyal advocates. 

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How InteliChart caters to the modern healthcare consumer


Today’s healthcare consumers want access to convenient self-service tools, such as online appointment scheduling, two-way messaging with providers, flexible bill pay options, and more—and they want access 24/7, whenever and wherever they need it. Patient Portal and the full Healthy Outcomes platform give patients the tools they need to take a more active role in their own care.

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Most providers can agree that providing a great patient experience is important. However, when overwhelmed with slow, manual, and outdated workflows, truly delivering on that promise is often easier said than done. Our patient engagement solutions allow healthcare practices to digitize time-intensive processes, such as registration and intake, to streamline the patient experience and eliminate error-prone obstacles.

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Eliminate roadblocks for your patients and provide a seamless, cohesive experience for them to manage their health. Because all of our patient engagement solutions were designed to work together, your patients won't have to log in to multiple systems to access their medical records, schedule appointments, or communicate with their provider.  

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Reputation management is critical to attracting new patients and retaining existing ones. Patient Survey automates the feedback collection process so you can easily keep tabs on how your organization is doing. Use this real-time feedback to identify your happiest patients and reduce friction points in the care experience. 

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Providing your patients with easy access to their medical records is no longer a nice-to-have benefit—it's a must-have requirement to satisfy federal regulations and appease modern healthcare consumers. Our Patient Portal acts as a hub for all of your patients' medical records that they can easily access via a desktop or on-the-go from their phone. 

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