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InteliChart’s patient engagement platform for healthcare systems & hospitals makes it easy to stay connected to patients on every step of their healthcare journey.


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Health system and hospital engagement challenges

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Staffing shortages

Healthcare professionals are consistently pressured to do more with fewer resources. With current staffing shortages, health systems and hospitals need to do more with less. A smart patient engagement platform for healthcare systems helps reduce manual workloads, improve staff efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction.

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Financial penalties

Studies show a critical association between patient satisfaction, 30-day readmissions, and postoperative surgical complications. Improve patient health outcomes and avoid financial penalties with a solid patient engagement strategy. 

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Unnecessary ED visits

Avoidable ED visits create considerable costs for health systems. With the right patient engagement technology, hospitals can educate patients about when they should go to the ED and when urgent care, primary care, or virtual care are better options.

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How InteliChart's Patient Engagement Platform Helps Health Systems & Hospitals

patient intake form

Streamline administrative workflows with our Patient Intake solution. Digitize current paper forms, or create new ones, that automatically update back to the patient record in real time and avoid errors caused by manual rekeying. Automate insurance verification to collect accurate copays in addition to outstanding balances at the time of visit.

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patient management workflows

Patient Activate gives your organization the tools to effectively manage population health. Track customizable patient populations to monitor metrics that impact value-based care reimbursement such as MIPS scores, IQR programs, and ACO shared savings programs. 

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Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform

Empower your organization to achieve healthier, more satisfied patients by leveraging one, some, or all of the engagement solutions within the Healthy Outcomes platform. Our solutions can be easily access via a single API connection, making it easier than ever before to get started with your engagement initiatives. 

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a patient portal

InteliChart’s Patient Portal puts comprehensive health information at your patients’ fingertips, enabling them to take a more active role in their healthcare. Reduce administrative burdens while giving patients the functionalities they've come to expect from their healthcare provider. 

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a telehealth visit

Reduce unnecessary ED visits with our Patient eHealth solution. Virtual waiting rooms deliver pre-visit information to providers, such as how long each patient has been waiting and the reason for their visit. Reporting analytics allow you to evaluate patient wait times, e-visit durations, and patient satisfaction levels. 

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