Using Technology to Combat Burnout & Compassion Fatigue  

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Workplace stress is nothing new for healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation only added to the burden, creating a crisis in burnout and compassion fatigue among healthcare professionals.  

A recent survey by the AMA found over 50% of health professionals are experiencing increased stress levels and the release of the Surgeon General’s Advisory Addressing Health Worker Burnout sounded the alarm on the severity of this issue last May.  

If your organization is feeling the effects of burnout and compassion fatigue, watch this informative and timely webinar focuses on: 

  • Identifying pain points in workflows that lead to staff dissatisfaction and frustration.
  • Exploring technology options for addressing workflow pain points.
  • Enacting strategies to lower stress and improve overall job satisfaction.  

Our panelists provide practical examples of how they've helped organizations identify pain points in their workflows and how/what technology has helped increase efficiency and improve staff satisfaction. We also provide guidance on how healthcare organizations can evaluate and implement technology solutions in their own workplaces. 

Watch on-demand below and start using technology to combat burnout & compassion fatigue. 

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