Quality Care Measures

Monitor measurement criteria to avoid penalties

To succeed in an environment of evolving value-based care models, healthcare organizations need to monitor patient health between visits and encourage healthy lifestyles.

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Positively impact your quality care measures

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Deliver care experiences that foster healthy outcomes

Successful patient engagement meets the evolving needs of healthcare consumers while ensuring healthier outcomes. When patients are engaged, they're more likely to show up for their appointments, adhere to their care plans, and schedule follow-up visits—all of which can positively impact your quality care measures. InteliChart's patient engagement platform facilitates engagement throughout all stages of the patient journey without overburdening your staff. 


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Increase the effectiveness of population health interventions

Amid the shift from volume to value-based care, population health is now a key component of your quality care measures. Healthcare organizations can master value-based care payment programs by adopting technology that effectively monitors patient activity and automates interventions based on timely, reliable data. InteliChart's population health solution streamlines data aggregation and automatically initiates communication with patients as needed.


Collect real-time patient feedback via automated surveys

Collecting and measuring patient-reported outcomes (PROs) is often manual and inefficient. Health organizations must rely on intuitive, reliable technology to make PROs easy to access and understand. InteliChart’s Patient Survey automates the delivery of your PROs and generates post-visit patient surveys so you can keep tabs on patient engagement and satisfaction from start to finish.

How Healthcare Organizations are Effectively Implementing Quality Care Measures

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How InteliChart helps you achieve performance measures

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Collect feedback from your patients via automated satisfaction surveys. This valuable insight into the patient experience can be used to inform patient care and improve CAHPS and HCAHPS scores. 

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Automate the delivery of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) such as PHQ9, HOOS, and KOOS to find out how your patients are feeling post-procedure. Assess functional status and adherence and determine if additional follow-up is needed. 

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Create automated events based on patients’ survey responses. For example, if a patient indicates they are in pain and have low functional status, another event can be triggered to send an alert to a staff member or trigger a follow-up call to the patient. 

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Send out highly relevant surveys by breaking patients into target population health groups. Subgroups are often based on demographics, lab values, procedure, medication, or payer type, but can also be completely customized to your needs. 

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When patients are engaged, they’re more likely to have positive health outcomes and be actively involved in their care. Our powerful suite of patient engagement solutions satisfy your engagement needs throughout every stage of the patient journey—from pre-visit paperwork to post-visit summaries and follow-ups.

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