InteliChart Introduces Patient Schedule Solution

November 24, 2020 | By Wendy Bartlett

Customized Online Scheduling Added to the Healthy Outcomes® Patient Engagement Platform

InteliChart, the leader in patient engagement technologies, is pleased to introduce Patient Schedule a new, customized online scheduling solution for consumers and patients. Patient Schedule is now part of InteliChart’s comprehensive Healthy Outcomes® patient engagement platform with all eight solutions working in unison to deliver a consistent, positive experience for patients and healthcare providers.

“Research shows that nearly 75 percent of patient appointments are made after business hours,” explained Gary Hamilton, InteliChart CEO. “That’s why the after-hours scheduling system we designed in Patient Schedule is essential for healthcare providers. Consumers can make real-time appointments after searching and selecting a provider online anytime, anywhere.”

Converting consumers into patients
Patient Schedule gives healthcare providers the power to convert consumers into patients. The first critical step is consumers finding a provider through an online search. Next, they can read physician bios, see real-time availability, and make an appointment on the spot through Google, Facebook, Yelp, HealthGrades or the provider’s website. Once consumers are patients, they can enjoy the convenience of seeing their provider’s availability and scheduling their own appointments 24/7 without having to log into an account.

Convenient API integration and configuration
Patient Schedule sets itself apart from other scheduling solutions with InteliChart’s API integration and configuration. Patient Schedule integrates directly to the practice management schedule and picks up all the scheduling criteria and logic, mirroring the practice’s scheduling rules.

“The API also allows for two-way integration that ensures real-time scheduling accuracy and avoids unwanted overbookings and scheduling mishaps,” added Hamilton. “Patient Schedule provides the ability to fill provider openings faster than ever before – without burdening office staff.”

Orchestrated Patient Engagement
Patient Schedule communicates with each of the solutions on InteliChart’s Healthy Outcomes platform to orchestrate a holistic approach to engagement, resulting in a healthier, happier patient. (Watch a video about Healthy Outcomes.) In addition to Patient Schedule, the platform includes:

Patient Portal – a “healthcare hub” that gives patients instant access to their medical records plus houses intake forms, notifications, surveys, bill pay and interacts with InteliChart’s population health solution. Accessible from a full-fledged iOS/Android app.

Patient Intake - digitizes and automates patient registration and the intake process. Workflow-configured to deliver discreet data to EHR and PM systems.

Patient Notify – automated appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, and organizational announcements go directly into a physician practice's scheduling system.

Patient Survey - delivers automated surveys to measure patient satisfaction and capture patient-reported outcomes.

Patient Activate – automates patient care management. Define and manage concurrent populations through intervention and outreach campaigns to secure patient engagement and successful outcomes.

Patient eVisit - a fully integrated, patient-friendly, virtual-care experience with no downloads/apps required.

Family Portal - empowers family members and caregivers to stay informed about the health and well-being of loved ones who are in long-term care, skilled nursing, home health and senior living facilities.

“Patient Schedule can be used as a standalone online-scheduling solution or combined with other Healthy Outcomes solutions that synchronize in the common mission to improve patient outcomes,” said Hamilton. “For example, if a patient schedules an appointment online, they can immediately be sent electronic visit forms through Patient Intake, they can be reminded of and confirm their appointment through Patient Notify, they could receive a post-visit survey or ratings request through Patient Survey, or they could be prompted to self-schedule a condition-specific maintenance exam through Patient Activate.”

Designed as a true platform
Patient Schedule joins a platform that has been developing and thriving since 2007. Over the past 13 years, InteliChart designed solutions with a common source code to create a platform unlike any other on the market. “Some so-called platforms are merely disparate products stitched together through acquisitions or mergers, leading to poor integration and a lack of communication between products,” emphasizes Hamilton. “InteliChart’s Healthy Outcomes is a true patient engagement platform built from the ground up with a technical architecture that makes all the solutions work seamlessly together for a cohesive, reliable provider/patient experience.”


About InteliChart
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