Patient Survey

Know how your patients are feeling between visits, and how they feel about you.


Features of Patient Survey

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

We make it simple to collect your patient’s opinion by automating the sending of satisfaction surveys. Gain insight to patient experience and assist in your CAHPS and HCAHPS scores.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Patient Reported Outcomes

Find out how your patients are feeling post-procedure and assess functional status and adherence by automating the delivery of your PROs such as PHQ9, HOOS, and KOOS.

Patient Portal Features

Why choose Patient Survey?

  • Manage Your Reputation

    There’s never been a more important time to manage your online reputation. As more healthcare consumers search providers online, we’ll ensure you’re optimizing positive feedback and managing negative reviews.

  • Post Visit Surveys

    Automate surveys following patient visits based on your specific criteria, such as: diagnosis, procedure, pain level, functional status, lab values, medication, adherence, referral, or any custom criteria you’d like.

  • Provider Reviews and Ratings

    Send simple ratings surveys or find out how likely patients are to refer friends and family. Use positive reviews and ratings to promote providers on your site as well as Google, Yelp, and other rating sites.

  • Between Visit Evaluations

    Simple surveys or detailed patient reported outcomes can be fully automated to send between patient visits. This could be something as simple as automating an adherence survey to patients that have not refilled maintenance medications.

  • Customize Any Survey

    Surveys are simple to create and fully customizable. Launch simple one, two, or three questions surveys or much more in depth – it’s up to you! Surveys are automatically sent on various events that you determine (visit, medication, diagnosis, etc.)

  • Targeted Population Surveys

    Surveys can be sent based on populations you define. These could be based on demographics, diagnosis, payer type, transportation availability, or any custom identifier you create. Surveys can be as brief or detailed as you choose.

  • Survey Based Automation

    Create automated events based on patients’ survey responses. For example, if a patient indicates they are in pain and have low functional status, then another event can be triggered such as an automated call, email/text, or alert a staff member.

  • Orchestrated Engagement

    A single engagement platform – it makes sense for both providers and patients. There’s no left-hand this and right-hand that. Just one contiguous and consistent experience from engagement portal to simple communications, surveys, and pop-health.


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