PatientSurvey delivers automated surveys to quantify patient satisfaction and capture patient-reported outcomes.


Platform for Engagement to Outcomes

How does it work?


Define Populations

Extensive query capabilities define patient populations with as many criterion as you want. Deploy everything from broad satisfaction surveys to surveys designed for specific groups of patients based on diagnosis, appointment type and demographics.


Reports and Benchmarking

Analyze your survey data at the patient, provider, and organizational level for MIPS and other Quality Payment Programs.


Automate Delivery

Set rules to define events that trigger when a survey is sent, and how the patient is informed that they have received a survey.


Customize Surveys

Drag and drop design tools make it easy to create surveys tailored to the needs of your patient populations. In addition to flexible aesthetic design, weighting and scorecards can be customized for each survey.


Why choose PatientSurvey?

Integration With Leading EHR Systems

Through our API, we have existing integration pathways with over 30 EHR products.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Capture patient-reported outcomes, such as PHQ9, KOOS, and HOOS without manual outreach.

Registry Data

Submit data to an array of specialty specific public health registries and, in some instances, access data from various registries.


Automate and streamline your organization’s patient-experience programs and enhance your current manual processes.


The Future of Patient Engagement

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