Patient Activate

Automate patient management with our patient-focused approach to population health. Guide your patients between visits, influencing them to take the necessary actions that lead to good health and well-being.


Features of Patient Activate

Medication Adherence

Successful Patient Management

Whether you’re looking to manage a very specific group of patients or several large populations, we give you everything you’ll need to automate your efforts and reduce your manual workflows.

Automated Outreach

Encourage Healthy Behavior

Deliver patients meaningful engagement based on several precise factors such as diagnosis, lab values, vitals, medications, visit information, or any other component of their clinical record and provide guidance toward healthy decisions and behavior.

Patient Portal Features

Why choose Patient Activate?

  • Manage Between Visits

    Patients spend most of their time outside your office yet often have care plans to adhere to and self-care to perform. Now you can stay connected and maintain meaningful contact with your patients that is automated, smart, and perfectly timed.

  • Reduce Care Management Stress

    Tracking and managing patients in accordance with quality payment programs and value-based care initiatives is often a manual, inefficient workflow. Now you can augment those efforts with automation and deliver positive outcomes for patients and staff.

  • Identify the Right Patients

    We maintain the full patient record, often with real-time data from many vendor systems and we give you simple yet very powerful tools to define the parameters to specifically identify patients to manage, monitor and intervene with.

  • Increase Patient Adherence

    Patients respond best to their preferred method of engagement, whether that’s via mail, a simple text message, or a phone call. We automate campaigns that will increase adherence with medications, referrals, self-care, and discharge instructions.

  • Orchestrated Engagement

    A single engagement platform – it makes sense for both providers and patients. There’s no left-hand this and right-hand that. Just one contiguous and consistent experience from engagement portal to simple communications, surveys, and pop-health.

  • Value Based Care Initiatives

    Whether you’re managing a Medical Home, Bundled Payment Initiative, or seeking to reduce readmissions – we give you all the tools you need to succeed by automating your manual and inefficient workflows.

  • Improve Outcomes and Satisfaction

    Patients want to get and stay healthy but often lack guidance and motivation from their providers. Now you can stay involved and help shepherd patients to good health and well-being, while improving their perspective of you by proactively managing them.

  • Social Determinants of Health

    Managing both the clinical and social aspects of your patients will yield the most successful outcomes. We give you the ability to include each patients’ SDOH alongside their clinical profile to engage and manage patients more precisely and effectively.


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