Patient eVisit

Offer your patients a convenient virtual care experience with a fully integrated telehealth solution.


Features of eVisit


Telehealth Solution

Provide a convenient way for patients and providers to connect without barriers. By seamlessly integrating with the rest of your patient engagement tools, you’ll create an experience that’s familiar for your patients and functional for your practice.


Cost-Effective Digital Care

Quickly implement an end-to-end virtual care experience, without breaking the bank. In response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, all subscription fees and related costs will be waived for a preconfigured workflow that specifically manages coronavirus, through July 31, 2020.

Why choose Patient eVisit?

  • Convenient Consumer Experience

    Consumers today value convenience and simplicity in all aspects of their lives. Provide an easy-to-use, patient-friendly care experience that aligns with consumer expectations, within a platform that’s already familiar to them.

  • Seamless Systems Integration

    Digital tools work best when they’re talking and working in unison. Adopt a telehealth solution that integrates with your existing practice management, electronic health records, and patient engagement systems.

  • End-to-End Virtual Care

    Offer a digital care experience that mirrors your physical operations. Patient eVisit sits alongside multiple engagement solutions to provide fully integrated virtual care from a single platform.

  • Cost-Effective Models

    Our flexible pricing models were designed with your needs in mind. Explore cost-effective telehealth services by provider, practice, or usage.

  • Workflow Integration

    Fully integrate remote patient monitoring with provider workflows for a user-friendly experience, from patient scheduling to intake and discharge.

  • COVID Management

    Increased access to telehealth solutions is playing an integral role in the ongoing management of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Patient eVisit, you can offer a safe solution for patients and providers when they need it most.

  • Easy Telehealth Adoption

    Telehealth solutions empower providers to extend high-quality care to patients throughout their journey across the care spectrum. Go live with telehealth in as little as 48 hours with a streamlined implementation.

  • Competitive Edge

    Reap all the benefits telehealth yields, both now and in the future. Deploy Patient eVisit to gain a competitive edge that helps you grow and thrive in a rapidly evolving consumer-driven healthcare market.




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