Patient Intake

Now it's a snap for your patients to complete any form electronically from the comfort of their home or in your waiting room.


Features of Patient Intake

Patient Check-in and Registration

Patient Check-in and Registration

Allow patients to check-in and fill out their forms prior to their visits or upon arrival at your practice. Digitize all your paper forms and automate their delivery to patients based on customized events that you create.

Streamline Patient Processing

Streamline Patient Processing

Eliminate waiting room backlogs and delays by automating your patient-processing workflow. Reduce staff workload stress associated with inefficient processes and repetitious tasks.

Patient Portal Features

Why choose Patient Intake?

  • Convenient Time Savings

    Completing forms before an appointment means patients spend less time in your waiting room. Providers can determine specific workflows, such as prompting patients to make a payment or setup a portal account after completing their forms.

  • Discrete Data Collection

    After patients fill out their electronic intake forms, you receive them as easy-to-view pdfs and discrete data that imports/updates to your EHR and practice management systems. Increase your workflow efficiencies by eliminating redundant patient-collected data entry.

  • Digitize Any Form

    Convert all your patient forms to electronic format and automate delivery to your patients based on customized events such as scheduling an appointment, up-coming appointment type, consent requirements, or your own customized event.

  • Compatible with All Tablets

    Our intake forms are compatible with all tablet devices. Apple iPads, Android tablets, or Windows tablets – we are compatible with them all. Tablets can include credit/debit card swipe and chip insertion capability for making payments.

  • Increase Patient Payments

    Your patients’ financial responsibility continues to increase through high-deductible health plans. Automating the collection of payments through your intake process is an added convenience for your patients who can make a payment remotely or while seated in your waiting room. This feature available in 2020.

  • Eligibility Verification

    Avoid non-payments and patient dissatisfaction by automating the verification of insurance eligibility before an appointment. Patients can verify their eligibility through online scheduling, remote intake/registration, or through your office’s on-site intake process. This feature available in 2021.


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