MGMA18 – We’ll be Showcasing Healthy Outcomes!

September 17, 2018 | By Wendy Bartlett

MGMA18 – We’ll be Showcasing Healthy Outcomes!

InteliChart is pleased to be attending the Annual Conference of the Medical Group Management Association - MGMA18 - from September 30 to October 3 in Boston, MA.

As the leading association for medical practice administrators and executives since 1926, MGMA helps create successful medical practices that deliver the highest-quality patient care. InteliChart will showcase our Healthy Outcomes suite of solutions designed to help medical practices deliver their highest-quality care and engage patients.

MGMA’s CEO Talks Technology

Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, is the President and CEO at MGMA. In an article published earlier this year, she writes that, “until technology becomes a tool that helps people on the front lines of medicine build better relationships, it won’t be the solution we need.”

She added, “Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but long-term absence makes the heart forget. In our new world of health care, where chronic conditions account for a massive percentage of doctor visits, hospital admissions, prescriptions, and costs, forgetting could be damaging or deadly. Staying connected with patients with chronic conditions is challenging even when cost and distance aren’t creating barriers. But providers need regular insight into lifestyle, behaviors, medicine habits, and lab results to prevent escalations. In every community, practices have to figure out a way to be present in patients’ lives—wherever they’re living them.”

Discover how InteliChart helped one provider see an 80 percent rate of usage  for telehealth during COVID-19.

Building Relationships with Healthy Outcomes

Dr. Fischer-Wright’s comments strongly align with the unique capabilities of InteliChart’s Healthy Outcomes platform. We’re on a mission to transform the patient experience in and out of the office by innovating a combination of software and services that guide the patient on a journey to a lifetime of healthy outcomes. Our platform includes:

Patient Portal - a robust portal that enables patients to actively manage their healthcare data in a single view
Patient Intake – a web-based solution that can be used on any tablet that creates a consistent intake experience for patient appointments by enabling the patient to complete forms easily before or during their visit, and sign up for Patient Portal
Patient Survey - an automated solution for surveys that accommodates patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes
Patient Notify - an automated solution for patient appointment reminders and organizational announcements
Patient Activate - a population health management tool with automated patient interventions to create healthy outcomes

Our Patient Activate solution acquires and aggregates data from a single source or numerous systems and manages populations with automated patient interventions. Data can be collected from any clinical source including your EHR, clinical document data, patient-generated data, claims data and other data partners.

While clinical data is important, it makes up only 20 percent of the factors that determine health. With our Patient Activate solution, you can supplement your clinical data with physical environment information including where a patient lives and the type of housing they have, health behavior information such as diet and exercise, stress factors, and alcohol or drug use, and socio-economic information like education level, employment and income. Once equipped with the right data, you can define patient populations with unlimited filters and create campaigns around quality metrics you want to impact.

Patient engagement and population health are interconnected, with proper engagement strategies effectively driving population health goals. Read more about population health in our white paper to understand how to strike the right balance between automated and manual patient engagement as part of a population health management initiative.

Integration, Support and Continual Innovation

Healthy Outcomes currently integrates with 25 leading EHRs and enhances the patient experience for more than 2,500 healthcare organizations. Our solutions use the same integration and provide the convenience and simplicity of a consistent user experience. You work with one vendor for all your solutions, as opposed to the aggravation of working with multiple solutions from multiple vendors.

InteliChart has a dedicated professional services team that trains users on a flexible basis and project manages each product deployment. Our support team is responsive and relationship-oriented, getting to know our customers and creating a positive rapport. We listen to our customers and continually innovate enhancements and new solutions based on their needs and feedback.

“More engaged partners…more problems solved.”

In her book Back to Balance,  Dr. Fischer-Wright explored why stronger, more trusting relationships are fundamental to achieving our big goals in healthcare. “They are the key to better outcomes, greater collaboration, reduced costs, and better population health. They are the key to fulfilling our very human needs to care and be cared for, to heal and be healed—and when our human needs are met, we feel greater satisfaction all around.”

She is all for technology that creates better, more consistent connection between practices and patients. “When technology helps create easy connections between patients and practices, it can build relationships that help us better treat chronic conditions—and save lives. When patients feel more empowered in and satisfied with their health care experience overall, their engagement increases. More engaged partners in health care means more problems solved.”

Find out how your healthcare organization can solve the problems Dr. Fischer-Wright talks about. Stop by InteliChart’s booth (#1639) at MGMA18 to learn first-hand how our powerful suite of solutions can help your healthcare organization engage patients more fully and create the consistent connection that’s vital to building trust in the provider-patient relationship.

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