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November 5, 2018 | By Wendy Bartlett

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Are you going to the Centricity Healthcare User Group (CHUG) Fall 2018 conference this week? InteliChart will be at booth #309 showcasing how our Healthy Outcomes platform helps providers elevate their patient engagement initiatives and achieve better outcomes. Here’s all the reasons why you should make sure InteliChart is on your conference must-visit list:

A History of Being Ahead of the Curve

InteliChart originated in 2001 as a health information exchange (HIE) company that was a distributor partner to NextGen, a market-leading EHR vendor. In 2005, development began on a data aggregation platform to foster interoperability and communication for community providers that co-managed patients – one common record for all patients. In 2008 development was expanded to enable the patient to have access to their aggregated clinical record, regardless of the number of EHRs they were using. InteliChart was officially founded in 2010, launching its first solution, Patient Portal.

Meaningful Use (MU) was the driving force behind the advent of most patient portals, but InteliChart was ahead of the curve and developed Patient Portal before MU came on the scene. InteliChart ’s patient-centric portal design delivers a high-quality, user-friendly experience with functionality that goes beyond the MU check box, putting us in the forefront of the patient-engagement space. Our portal was the flagship for the subsequent solutions we developed into our Healthy Outcomes platform.

The Healthy Outcomes Platform for Patient Engagement to Outcomes

Healthy Outcomes offers a suite of five solutions that empowers patients on their journey to good health and enables physicians to establish a trusted partnership with their patients. These five solutions work together with a single integration to help health centers:

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Streamline staff efficiency
  • Achieve healthier outcomes
  • Maximize reimbursement
  • Work with one vendor for multiple solutions

Healthy Outcomes: an Overview of Solutions

Patient Portal  is 2015 MU3 Certified, satisfies MIPS requirements, integrates seamlessly with acute and ambulatory EHRs, and aggregates data into the Healthy Outcome's clinical registry so that patients can see all of their data in a single portal. Patient Portal enables patients to:

  • Stay in touch with providers using secure messaging
  • Request, reschedule, and view appointments
  • View detailed lab results and history
  • Receive bills electronically and make online payments
  • Manage accounts for dependents through the account owner's profile
  • Access their information on our mobile app or the web-based version of the portal

Patient Notify automates patient communications, such as appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, and organizational announcements. Patient Notify:

  • Eliminates no-shows by providing patients with phone, text, and email reminders
  • Gives patients the ability to confirm or cancel appointments through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calls, emails, and text messages
  • Announces the opening of a new location, new service, or that your location will be closed due to weather

Patient Activate enables healthcare providers to tackle population health head-on with a simple approach: aggregate patient data, establish intervention goals, create automated campaigns, and attain outcome goals. Patient Activate:

  • Defines the patient populations based on clinical identifiers, medication adherence, appointment/encounter reason, vitals, and patient-reported outcomes
  • Acquires and aggregates data from a single source, or multiple systems, using one API platform
  • Creates intervention campaigns to address specific patient populations based on quality metrics you want to impact

Patient Survey enables you to deliver automated surveys to quantify patient satisfaction and to capture patient-reported outcomes. Patient Survey:

  • Delivers fully customizable surveys based on the needs of your patient population
  • Automates delivery of surveys based on event triggers that you determine
  • Analyzes your survey data at the patient, provider, and organizational level with our robust reporting tools
  • Automates patient-reported outcomes, such as PHQ9, KOOS, and HOOS

Patient Intake creates a consistent intake process for patients that increases portal adoption and streamlines the check-in workflow. Patient Intake:

  • Eliminates paper forms and manual data entry from your check-in process
  • Gives patients the ability to complete forms relevant to their appointment before their visit or
    complete forms during the check-in process
  • Ensures forms are completed and patients are asked to register for a portal account

Mobile Application

With InteliChart’s mobile app, patients can manage their health from anywhere with their iOS or Android device. Ours is an actual app and does not simply redirect the user to our website.

Features include:

  • View and request appointments
  • View and refill medications
  • View labs
  • View/add dependents
  • Multilingual
  • Bi-directional messaging
  • Biometrics
  • Push notifications
  • Registration process for portal

Solutions Working Together

Here is an example of how our solutions work together:

  • Use the Patient Portal to route all normal lab results to the patient without clinical intervention
  • Use Patient Notify to send explicit reminder messages to patients that can address transportation issues, directions and directives
  • Use Patient Activate to automate messages to non-compliant patients (increase patient visits, improve health)
  • Use Patient Intake to automate forms and patient registration
  • Use the Patient Portal to automate sending the Visit Summary to the patient
  • Use the Patient Portal tasking to automate workflow reminders
  • Use the Patient Portal to automate forms and questionnaires based on rules

Re-engineering Workflow

The three main workflow killers are:

  • Waste: time wasted, resources wasted (paper, technology), lack of protocols to ensure parallel workflows, lack of automation
  • Redundancy: patients calling about the same issue more than once, multiple staff managing the same tasks, lack of automation
  • Boredom: tedious manual processes - calling patients for appointment reminders, scheduling well visits, performing data entry from paper forms, lack of automation

Patient Activate re-engineers office workflow to manage chronic-condition populations, save physicians and care managers time, and achieve outstanding ROI.

The Complete Guide to Simplifying Practice Workflows is a must-have resource  for any practice dealing with complex workflows. Download it here.

Support Services and Continuous, Innovative Development

The power of the Healthy Outcomes platform extends beyond the product itself. The platform is backed by professional teams that provide comprehensive consulting, training and support and innovative development.

Our Professional Services Team provides full-service training and consulting, comprehensive project management of each portal deployment, and flexible training schedules to meet the needs of each client. They also share effective strategies to increase portal adoption on the part of patients and gain buy-in from office staff because, after all, a portal is only valuable if patients use it!

Following implementation, our Support Team is in place to build relationships with customers and answer their questions with a responsive, empathetic approach.

Our Development Team specializes in data-driven innovation that is guided by our company vision to create an exceptional patient experience. We listen to our customers and develop new features and enhancements based on their feedback. We have quarterly releases and a testing environment that we make available to our customers so they can see what new features we’re working on and give us their feedback before going live. Our customers also receive release notes 30 days prior to updates so they understand exactly what’s going to be included in the next release.

Put the Power to Work for Your Organization

Healthy Outcomes empowers patients on their journey to good health and enables physicians to establish a trusted partnership with their patients. Together, our solutions elevate treatment plan adherence, quality and MIPS performance, and patient engagement, all leading to long-term quality-metric and cost-performance gains. But we’re not done. The power of our platform is ever-evolving as we continue to innovate to meet the needs of patients and give physicians the tools they need for state-of-the-art care management.

Schedule a demo while you’re at CHUG to learn how Healthy Outcomes can position your organization to perform at an optimal level for your patient engagement and quality performance success.

The Complete Guide to Simplifying Practice Workflows