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patient engagement platform

What is a Patient Engagement Platform?

on May 21, 2024 | By The InteliChart Team

A patient engagement platform is a software solution designed to empower patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey and enhance communication between patients and healthcare providers. These platforms can vary in functionality and scope, and offer solutions that simplify the healthcare experience such as online scheduling, 24/7 access to medical records, digital intake forms, two-way online communication with providers, easy access to educational resources, and other self-management tools.

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patients scheduling appointments

Strategies to Maximize Patient Appointment Scheduling

on March 11, 2024 | By The InteliChart Team

A critical, yet often-overlooked component to successful practice management is patient scheduling. Done correctly, it ensures a smooth flow of patients throughout the day with few backlogs or gaps and increases revenue. Done poorly, it results in angry patients, wasted time, stressed staff, and rushed appointments.

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patient satisfaction

Why Improving Patient Satisfaction is More Than a CAHPS Score

on February 27, 2024 | By The InteliChart Team

In the landscape of healthcare quality assessment, traditional metrics like CAHPS survey scores have long been the gold standard for evaluating patient satisfaction. However, relying solely on these standardized surveys may overlook crucial aspects of a positive patient experience, leading to an incomplete understanding of satisfaction levels.

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patients self scheduling

Why the Healthcare Industry Loves Patient Self Scheduling

on July 7, 2023 | By The InteliChart Team

This post was first published April 2022 & updated June 2023 Healthcare consumers have options when it comes to choosing a provider, and they're not afraid to switch to another practice if their expectations are not met. In fact, about 7 in 10 (69 percent) consumers said they would switch healthcare providers for a better experience. As such, more and more healthcare practices are offering patient self-scheduling tools to provide modern healthcare consumers and patients with the convenience and flexibility they are looking for—and discovering operational efficiencies in the process. Learn about patient self-scheduling and why it's essential in healthcare today.

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Patient Appointment Scheduling Improves Engagement and Outcomes

Patient Appointment Scheduling Improves Engagement & Outcomes

on June 2, 2023 | By The InteliChart Team

Originally posted November 2022, updated June 2023. Patient self-scheduling is becoming more of the norm in healthcare, with more and more healthcare providers embracing it for their practices. According to a recent survey, 8 in 10 healthcare consumers said setting up appointments online would make scheduling much easier. And 79% said they want to use patient scheduling software tools to book and manage their healthcare appointments online.

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