InteliChart Patient Engagement Experts at AMGA 2019

March 26, 2019 | By Wendy Bartlett

InteliChart Patient Engagement Experts at AMGA 2019

InteliChart will be presenting Healthy Outcomes, our patient engagement platform, to healthcare professionals attending the AMGA 2019 Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD from March 27-30.

The America Medical Group Association is leading the transformation of healthcare in America by paving the way for medical groups and integrated systems of care to deliver the next level of high-performance health. They believe in the power of partnering with engaged communities to promote healthier lives. AMGA acts as the public voice of top professionals in the medical field. More than 175,000 practicing physicians are in AMGA’s member organizations, delivering care to one in three Americans.

The conference leverages the experiences and knowledge of healthcare executives from across the country. InteliChart is eager to share the value our solutions bring to the effort to deliver coordinated, patient-centered, high-quality healthcare.

Patient Engagement Necessary to Reduce Healthcare Costs

On March 1, 2019 AMGA President and CEO Jerry Penso, M.D., M.B.A sent a letter to congress offering solutions for reducing the nation’s healthcare costs. In addition to suggestions on creating a pathway to value, providing regulatory relief, and promoting price transparency, he also detailed the need for patient engagement and accountability.

“We cannot solve the issue of rising healthcare costs without addressing the need for patient engagement and accountability. However, we need to incentivize and empower patients to help move the system towards value,” stated Penso. He continued that patients must be able to access and understand their healthcare information to make informed choices, including the information in their medical record.

“Incentives could entice patients to live healthier lives, and in turn save the system money by reducing trips to the doctor and hospital admissions and the need for expensive medications due to preventable chronic conditions,” added Penso. “Patients must have an active role in their healthcare choices. Changing a patient’s behavior may be difficult, but people must be encouraged and incentivized to take responsibility for their healthcare decisions. The results will benefit them by keeping them healthy and out of the hospital, as well as offering them a better quality of life. With the right tools and information, patients can make better decisions that will benefit them as well as reduce healthcare costs.”

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Connecting Patients to the Information they Want

InteliChart’s Healthy Outcomes solution suite gives patients the tools and information they need to make the decisions Penso noted. Our platform helps providers connect their patients to the type of health information they want - personalized, easy to understand, from a source they trust. Giving patients accurate, meaningful, and accessible information is the first step in empowering their decision making and enlisting them as partners in managing their health and the cost of their healthcare.1

Healthy Outcomes includes:

  • Patient Portal - a robust portal that enables patients to actively manage their healthcare data in a single view
  • Patient Intake – a web-based solution that can be used on any tablet that creates a consistent intake experience for patient appointments by enabling the patient to complete forms easily before or during their visit, and sign up for Patient Portal
  • Patient Survey - an automated solution for surveys that accommodates patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes
  • Patient Notify - an automated solution for patient appointment reminders and organizational announcements
  • Patient Activate - a population health management tool with automated patient interventions to create healthy outcomes

Let’s Talk Patient Engagement at AMGA

In the current healthcare consumerism landscape, patients today don’t just want excellent care. They want care that conforms to their elevated expectations – care delivered with ease, convenience, and choice. An episodic take on care experiences doesn’t work anymore. Adopting a continuous relationship-building strategy is necessary.2

Understanding how to engage patients and inspire their loyalty is vital for healthcare providers who want to remain competitive. Our patient engagement experts will be at AMGA booth 1331 next week to demonstrate Healthy Outcomes and explain why more than 3,500 leading healthcare organizations and 30,000 providers use our solutions to engage with 27,000,000+ patients.

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