InteliChart Announces Turnkey Vaccine Deployment

February 12, 2021 | By Wendy Bartlett

InteliChart, a leader in patient engagement technology, announces a vaccine deployment solution that enables providers to inform patients and simplify scheduling in a smooth, turnkey process. Working in tandem, two InteliChart solutions - Patient Activate and Patient Schedule - create a seamless experience for patients and help providers keep pace with their ongoing COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

Patient Activate
Patient Activate is an automated population health solution that helps healthcare providers guide patients between visits, influencing them to take the necessary actions that lead to good health and well-being. Proactively managing patient health will motivate patients to become active participants in their own health.

Patient Schedule
Patient Schedule sets itself apart from other scheduling solutions with InteliChart’s API integration and configuration. Patient Schedule integrates directly to a provider’s practice management schedule and picks up all the scheduling criteria and logic, mirroring the practice’s scheduling rules.

Together, these solutions facilitate the following steps for managing a practice’s vaccine rollout:

Prioritizing patient populations
Patient Activate automates the delivery of patient specific messaging designed to inform and motivate patients to take the appropriate actions for their health. Vaccine programs are designed to identify specific patient populations based on eligibility criteria such as age, co-morbidities, employment, or patients who need second shots.

Patient Activate sends vaccine-eligible patients text messages, emails, or phone calls with pertinent instructions and a unique link to make an appointment through Patient Schedule.

Barrier-free scheduling
Next patients simply click the link and self-schedule their vaccination appointment. There is no need to login to a portal or download an app. Patients can also make an appointment through a provider’s website, a Google search or social sites such as Facebook and Yelp.

Patients see real-time availability and once the appointment is selected, it books directly to the practice’s schedule. This triggers the delivery of any necessary electronic forms, appointment reminders and mobile check-in.

Booking second vaccines
Patients who received their first round of vaccine later receive an automated notification for their second round through a Patient Activate text or email and they once again self-schedule through Patient Schedule.

Solutions working in unison
Patient Activate and Patient Schedule are two of eight solutions on InteliChart’s comprehensive Healthy Outcomes® patient engagement platform. All eight solutions work in unison to deliver a consistent, positive experience for patients and healthcare providers. With a complete suite of engagement solutions designed to work in unison and complement one another, providers now have the ability to maximize their patient engagement capabilities, while significantly enhancing practice workflows associated with patient management.


About InteliChart
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