Huge Patient Engagement Boost for NextGen Users

November 25, 2019 | By Wendy Bartlett
InteliChart, a leading provider of patient engagement and population health solutions, is pleased to announce that its Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform is available to all NextGen users. This development provides a significant upgrade for physician practices that have struggled in their engagement capabilities and patient experience due to limited patient portals.

InteliChart’s flagship Patient Portal represents nearly 40 million patients because it gives today’s healthcare consumers what they want from their providers: convenience, mobile anytime-access, financial engagement options, and value. Equally important, Healthy Outcomes automates care management workflows by monitoring targeted patient populations and activating patient engagement and specific actions that lead to improved patient outcomes.

“We have been using InteliChart’s Patient Portal for three years now and it’s established a high degree of accountability for providers and patients,” said Alain Delgado, M.D. of Neurology and Neurosurgery Associates in Winter Haven, FL. “Both parties spend less time playing phone tag and patients can reach us directly with secure messages. Everything - from questions, diagnostic test results, or medication refills - is documented on the portal so nothing is lost in translation; there’s no missed communication.”

Portals are assuredly an important piece of the patient engagement puzzle, but it’s just one piece of that overall puzzle. Patients want and need more than a portal for effective engagement. “For the past 10 years, we’ve focused on the healthcare consumer and how to best facilitate their engagement needs as a patient in a manner that benefits both patients and healthcare providers,” said Gary Hamilton, CEO at InteliChart. “It’s clear that patients and providers benefit from a harmonious engagement platform that brings a smart, consistent patient experience whether a patient is scheduling an online appointment, filling out intake forms, responding to a survey, participating in a medication adherence program or reviewing their lab results. Patients and providers require various degrees and methods for engagement, and that’s exactly what we deliver.”

Patient Engagement Platform for NextGen EHR and PM System
We’ve modernized the engagement experience for NextGen users through market-leading consumer engagement capabilities backed by deep API integration to the NextGen EHR and PM systems. We’ve also designed with the provider in mind as we automate practice workflows associated with portal registration, patient intake/check-in, patient scheduling, post-visit surveys, and population health efforts.

The Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform delivers engagement solutions from a single platform that operate seamlessly in unison with one another. The engagement platform includes:

  • Patient Portal – A modern consumer experience that today’s patients expect with a digital representation of your practice that reflects your high standard of care. Schedule appointments, review lab results, complete forms, or review care plans and communicate with care teams – all accessible from iOS/Android app or any web browser. A complete NextGen API integration and full ONC certification deliver an exceptional patient and provider experience.
  • Patient Intake - Digitize any paper form and automate the patient and practice workflows around them. Patients can electronically complete forms from anywhere, whether it’s from the comfort of their own home or on any tablet device while at your office. Automate your check-in process and upgrade the patient experience associated with your patient forms. All completed forms have API mapping back to the NextGen EHR and PM systems as discreet data updates.
  • Patient Notify – Automating your appointment reminders, communications, and organization announcements has never been easier. With our real-time API integration with NextGen, appointment reminders can be sent with confidence and patient confirmations update the NextGen schedule immediately. All communications can be configured by provider, location, practice or at the enterprise level and can be sent according to each patient’s preference of IVR phone, text, email, or letter.
  • Patient Survey - Deliver automated surveys to patients via email or text message. Whether you’re managing your reputation through satisfaction surveys and Google reviews or capturing patient reported outcomes, now you can simplify the acquisition of vital patient feedback. Send patient surveys based on any data criteria, whether it’s clinical, demographic, payer type, or custom. We give you access to all your NextGen data to define survey populations.
  • Patient Activate – Automate engagement with specific patient populations defined by your own custom data criteria, such as lab value, medications, diagnosis, procedure, vitals, or visit data. Determine the ideal method to drive engagement to yield the desired patient action or behavior. Campaigns can be deployed, such as: medication adherence, referral compliance, decrease readmissions, direct home-care initiatives, or any custom campaign. Full API integration with NextGen EHR and PM system allows near real-time data analysis to determine patient outcome success.

100% patient-consumer engagement and provider workflows
Since 2010, InteliChart’s innovation and development efforts have been committed to patient and consumer engagement.

“Evolving our engagement platform and perfecting the patient experience is not a secondary effort for us – it’s our exclusive focus,“ added Hamilton. “Our development methods are mainstream and agile, allowing us to bring market trends and user feedback into product with a release cadence of four times a year. This means you’re able to benefit from product enhancements throughout the year without long painful delays that create frustrating user experiences. Healthcare consumers don’t tolerate technology that doesn’t work well. We want to ensure our providers engage, satisfy - and most importantly - retain their patients.”

Choose the right NextGen patient engagement partner
The NextGen EHR and PM system is one of the more than 30 EHR products with which we have API integration. Our Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform is the choice of 28,000 healthcare organizations who partner with InteliChart to engage more than 40 million patients. InteliChart continues to work toward the goal of fulfilling the dynamic engagement requirements of provider organizations by bringing best-of-class patient and consumer engagement solutions to fruition.

Brett Brickey, CIO at Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group in Virginia, explains why the 220-provider group selected InteliChart to deliver an enhanced patient experience to their patients. “InteliChart’s broad engagement capabilities and deep API integration with our NextGen EHR made the decision an easy one,” said Brickey. “Their ability to deliver a solution that meets the high demands of today’s healthcare consumer with a consistent brand and patient experience across all our ambulatory practices will help us as we guide our patients to actively engage in their healthcare.”

Thousands of satisfied NextGen clients have made the decision to partner with InteliChart because of our unmatched proactive, personal communication. Our superior solution suite keeps providers connected to their patients outside the visit while simultaneously strengthening their position in the healthcare market. Learn more about the smart decision for patient engagement.

About InteliChart 

InteliChart delivers Healthy Outcomes, the market-leading, patient-engagement platform that helps providers attain superior patient outcomes. The Healthy Outcomes solution suite consists of Patient Portal, Patient Intake, Patient Notify, Patient Survey and Patient Activate.

Located in Fort Mill, SC, InteliChart was founded in 2010. Industry-leading EHR vendors, hospitals, health systems and physician practices have selected InteliChart as their patient engagement platform, collectively representing more than 28,000 client organizations and 30 million patients. We integrate with 30-plus EHR products and a single integration accesses all the solutions in our Healthy Outcomes suite.