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Comparison Guide: InteliChart’s Patient Intake vs. The Others

on April 1, 2024 | By The InteliChart Team

According to a recent survey of 1,000 patients conducted by InteliChart, 68% of patients prefer to fill out intake forms online. Although many health IT vendors claim their technology can digitize and streamline the entire intake process, there are often hidden limitations caused by outdated integration methods, technology that doesn’t work well together, or a lack of self-service customization options. Fortunately, InteliChart’s Patient Intake offers exactly what it promises – a truly customizable intake experience that can eliminate the use of paper forms for good. Let’s explore what your patients and staff can expect with the InteliChart’s Patient Intake versus other patient engagement vendors.  

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patient satisfaction

Why Improving Patient Satisfaction is More Than a CAHPS Score

on February 27, 2024 | By The InteliChart Team

In the landscape of healthcare quality assessment, traditional metrics like CAHPS survey scores have long been the gold standard for evaluating patient satisfaction. However, relying solely on these standardized surveys may overlook crucial aspects of a positive patient experience, leading to an incomplete understanding of satisfaction levels.

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7 Benefits of a Digital Patient Intake Process

on June 28, 2023 | By The InteliChart Team

The patient intake process can be quite cumbersome and can cause headaches for your already-strained ancillary medical staff and patients. Paper forms are slow, prone to error, and simply outdated. These days, it seems like nearly everything is going digital—why shouldn’t your patient intake process follow suit? Plus, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing your patients want to do is sit in a waiting room filling out paperwork with a pen and clipboard that could be covered in germs. Fortunately, digitizing your patient intake process can help mitigate many of these challenges while offering several additional benefits for patients, practices, and providers. Let’s talk about why it's time to digitize your patient intake process.

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InteliChart Streamlines the Patient Intake Process

How InteliChart Streamlines the Patient Intake Process

on April 27, 2022 | By The InteliChart Team

The rise of healthcare consumerism and emerging technologies has prompted many practices to streamline and reimagine the patient intake process. With an abundance of digital tools at our disposal, gone are the days of filling out paper forms and manually entering data—at least for most healthcare practices. Learn how InteliChart streamlines the patient intake process for practices, patients, and providers alike.

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Best Practices to Optimize Your Patient Registration Process

Best Practices to Optimize Your Patient Registration Process

on June 9, 2021 | By Wendy Bartlett

The patient registration process needs to be as simple as possible for everyone involved, from patients to office staff and providers. The rise of healthcare consumerism means that care access has expanded to big-box retail stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart, further accelerating the need for a seamless registration experience.

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How to Vet Patient Portal Companies Before You Decide

on January 5, 2021 | By Wendy Bartlett

The patient portal has become a mainstay in healthcare today. More than 90 percent of healthcare practices offer patient portal access to their patients, recognizing countless benefits—from increasing workflow efficiencies and improving transparency to empowering patients to take a more active role in their own care.

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