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Join InteliChart, A Champion of Health, at HIMSS19

February 4, 2019 | By Wendy Bartlett

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HIMSS, a thought leader supporting the transformation of health through the application of information and technology, holds an annual global conference that brings together more than 45,000 professionals from 90 countries. This year, the conference is February 11-15 in Orlando, FL with the theme “Champions of Health Unite.”

InteliChart is a leader in the patient engagement space and a champion of health in our own right. We will be at the conference showcasing the Healthy Outcomes platform, the trusted solution for over 3,500 leading healthcare organizations and EHR vendors that selected us as their patient engagement and population health partner. Healthy Outcomes is a comprehensive solution suite that consists of: Patient Portal, Patient Notify, Patient Intake, Patient Survey and Patient Activate.

HIMSS President & CEO on Consumer Engagement

As the burden of paying for healthcare is increasingly shifting to patients, they are becoming consumers who are more aware and engaged. Patients are demanding tools that can help them make better decisions regarding their own care.

In a 2018 interview, HIMSS President and CEO, Hal Wolf, shared his thoughts on the transformation in consumer engagement.

“I’ve seen an incredible attention shift in the last 10 years — and even more so in the last five — in what we call a consumer-based approach, where we’re thinking about integrated care and integrated communications from the point of view of the patient. You can see technology becoming a critical part of how we connect clinicians, patients, and applications. And it’s developing into an ecosystem that really does have the patient…in the middle.”

Reflective of Wolf’s remarks, InteliChart’s flagship portal solution was developed with a patient-centric design in 2010 and each of our successive solutions has focused solely on empowering both patients and providers in their effort to attain wellbeing and positive health outcomes. Our platform effectively engages and manages patients outside the medical encounter, resulting in quality outcomes that lead to higher provider reimbursements. With our full suite of patient engagement solutions, organizations can:

  • Automate campaigns that reduce the manual efforts of their care team
  • Decrease readmission rates
  • Increase medication and care adherence
  • Save time and resources
  • Increase QPP performance and reimbursements
  • Activate patients to manage their health, thereby improving outcomes and driving down costs

The Complete Guide to Simplifying Practice Workflows is a must-have resource  for any practice dealing with complex workflows. Download it here.

Surviving the Next 5-10 Years

Wolf also urged healthcare organizations to be ready to meet consumer expectations and to prepare for the “Silver Tsunami.”

“If hospital systems or practices today are not thinking about digital health - if they’re not already engaged in understanding the consumer’s expectations of connectivity, and if they don’t have a digital health strategy that they have already begun or are deeply embedded with - I really worry about their ability to survive in the next 5-10 years.”

“We have a huge number of people who are reaching retirement age. They’re going to live longer, and they’re are going to carry chronic disease with them. What I think every system is working with is, how do we build digital health into our fundamental delivery system, and how do we think about it not just as one size fits all, but in terms of segmentation? This ties back to consumerism. Each patient is different, and we have to deliver care in different ways based upon those segmentations, especially in terms of digital health.”

Population Health Management - Delivering Care More Effectively and Efficiently

Currently, five percent of Americans – 15 million with multiple chronic conditions - account for 45 percent of healthcare spending amounting to $1.2 trillion. In keeping with Wolf’s prediction of the upcoming “Silver Tsunami” and the chronic disease it will bring, medical spending and lost productivity are expected to reach $42 trillion by 2030.

What can providers do to prepare? Population Health Management (PHM) is a growing movement in healthcare delivery. Often considered two separate initiatives, patient engagement and population health are interconnected, with proper engagement strategies driving population health goals. When healthcare providers are held accountable and measured on the outcome success of their patients, high-risk populations are more important to manage than ever.

Patient Activate is Healthy Outcomes' population health management solution that integrates with a provider’s EHR and offers a new breed of clinicians the ability to efficiently and effectively manage populations by leveraging not just electronic health record and claims data, but also comprehensive data aggregated from throughout the care continuum and beyond. Deeper and broader information sets about patients’ social determinants of health, behaviors and non-clinical activities, combined with medical information, deliver a holistic and insightful perspective to guide care decisions and interventions.

Select the Right Technology Partner

Patient engagement is a dynamic consumer-driven market that is materially different than the provider/clinical delivery market. Innovation and product development associated with the premise of engaging patients and impacting patient behavior is an entirely different effort than that of provider workflows, clinical delivery/decision support, and RCM. Organizations need a technology partner that is committed to the patient domain and has demonstrated that they are leader in delivering innovative patient-focused solutions

From a technical and product perspective, it’s important that organizations align with a technology partner that has demonstrated success in acquiring and aggregating data from disparate acute and ambulatory EHRs, practice management, and scheduling systems. This is essential to deliver a consistent and harmonious engagement experience for patients across all their healthcare providers and is critical for population health efforts to sustain deeper engagement necessary to improve patient outcomes.

InteliChart has brought to market its Healthy Outcomes platform to fulfill the dynamic requirements necessary to navigate patient from initial engagement to a successful outcome. Our patient engagement platform is the demonstrated market-leader and has been selected by EHR vendors, health systems and physician practices that collectively represent over 40,000 healthcare organizations.

Learn More at HIMSS

With Healthy Outcomes, healthcare providers now have an unparalleled capability to successfully navigate the patient journey from initial engagement to a healthy outcome. Learn how InteliChart can help your organization be a champion of patient engagement and population health.

Genesis Medical Associates Case Study

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