Automated Patient Interventions Empower Population Health Management

  • Acquire and Aggregate Data

    Whether your data comes from a single source or multiple disparate systems, our API platform includes a library of connectors for market-leading EHRs that enable us to acquire, aggregate, and standardize all patient records across your enterprise.

  • Define Patient Populations

    Custom Boolean queries enable you to identify patient populations by specific clinical identifiers, such as ICD-9/ICD-10, lab values, demographics, medication adherence, appointment/encounter reasons, vitals, and patient reported outcomes.

  • Automate Patient Management

    Whether you’re addressing a specific patient population, quality program (MIPS, ACO, PCMH, BPCI), or perhaps a readmissions initiative, you’ll now be able to assign an automated intervention campaign designed to motivate patients to take the actions necessary to attain outcome goals.

Features & Benefits

Insights & Analytics

Analyze your performance and determine if you’re on track to meet your goals, or if modifications need to be made for patient outcomes and quality measure performance.

Performance Dashboards

Whether monitoring a patient population, evaluating MIPS composite scores, or analyzing trends across your enterprise, we offer customized dashboards for your KPIs.

Quality Measures Support

Select any quality measure across domains and then establish intervention campaigns for the desired outcome and safeguard performance.

Superior Performance Scores

Establish performance safeguards for each domain and measure by automating the management of patient populations.

2017 – 2019 Potential

26% Difference in payments

2018 – 2020 Potential

30% Difference in Payments

Maximize Provider Quality Performance

Achieve exceptional MIPS composite scores, ACO measures outcomes, and Bundled Payment performance goals

Monitor/Compare MIPS Performance through CMS Qualified Registry

We give you a real-time monitoring advantage by allowing you to compare provider MIPS performance within their practice, enterprise and amongst their peers nationwide from one of the largest qualified CMS registries in the United States.

Healthy Outcomes Intervention

Automated performance monitoring across all selected measures – if performance dips, an intervention is launched to encourage the necessary patient action to fulfill the measure objective and safeguard a successful outcome.

MIPS Performance Comparison

MIPS composite scores are based on peer comparisons – providers that have automated their patient management with Healthy Outcomes® have a significant advantage in achieving the highest possible performance scores, and accomplishing their patient outcome goals.


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