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Case Study:

Genesis Medical Associates Leverages Patient Activate to Communicate with Patients During COVID-19

When in-office visits declined as a result of COVID-19, Genesis Medical Associates needed a way to quickly communicate and provide care recommendations with patients remotely. The company had just introduced a telehealth solution, but it hadn’t been widely adopted by its patients when the pandemic came to a head in March.

“We had experienced a drop in our in-office visits and it was important for us to assure our patients that we were still there for them,” said Regis Singer, IT Director.

Genesis decided to leverage InteliChart's Patient Activate solution because of its automated messaging, including the ability to send texts, emails, and phone calls, depending on the communication preference and care plan of each patient. 

Patient Activate’s existing integration with Genesis’ current EHR and Practice Management System was also a major draw because a fast time to deployment was vital for maintaining goodwill with its 40,000 patients. 

Discover how Genesis was able to use InteliChart’s Patient Activate to grow the usage rate for its telehealth program to 80 percent in just a few weeks!

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