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The Rise of Healthcare Consumerism and What It Means for Your Practice

As consumers become savvier and more technologically sophisticated, they expect the same seamless digital experiences they get from other industries when managing their health. 

Giant retail and technology companies like CVS, Amazon, and Walmart have only intensified the need for change by building entire business models on providing exactly what consumers demand: convenience. 

Although the trend in healthcare consumerism has been on the rise for quite some time, many practices have been slow to pivot. To retain patients and remain competitive in a crowded market, your healthcare organization needs to address the rise in healthcare consumerism and reimagine how you engage consumers. 

Download this free e-book, The Rise of Healthcare Consumerism and What It Means for Your Practice, to learn: 

  • The factors that sparked healthcare consumerism
  • How consumerism is transforming healthcare
  • Common barriers to addressing consumerism in healthcare
  • Five ways practices can address healthcare consumerism
  • How to use technology to engage healthcare consumers

Use insights in this guide to transform the patient experience and empower patients with the information they need to take an active role in their care.

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