PSQH: The Podcast Episode 76 – The Evolution of Telehealth Services

June 7, 2023 | By The InteliChart Team

On episode 76 of PSQH: The Podcast, Gary Hamilton, CEO of InteliChart, talks about the evolution of telehealth services.

Gary Hamilton has led InteliChart since its inception in 2010. He brings a wealth of clinical and technical expertise associated with consumer-patient engagement and provider practice operations. Hamilton drives corporate strategy, product innovation, and direction toward one common objective: to enable providers to successfully engage and empower their patients to attain positive outcomes. Over the years, his work has led to the evolution of InteliChart’s Patient Portal into a full platform of engagement solutions that address automated patient scheduling, appointment reminders, digital intake, telehealth, patient feedback, and population health initiatives. Prior to InteliChart, he held leadership positions with Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Atlantic Healthcare Management.


This article was originally published on PSQH on April 14, 2023. You can view the article here.