Modernize Communications Between LTC Facilities & Families

December 5, 2023 | By The InteliChart Team

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- For too long, traditional modes of communication between senior care facilities and the families of residents has been plagued by handwritten messages, missed calls that need call backs, and voicemails – placing undue demands on staff and contributing to the labor crisis in long-term care, senior living, and skilled nursing facilities.

To solve that problem, InteliChart, the industry leader in patient engagement solutions, has released Family Portal, a next-generation solution for family engagement. Based on InteliChart's Black Book Award-winning Patient Portal, Family Portal modernizes facility-family communications while decreasing administrative burdens for skilled nursing staff.

"Communicating clearly and promptly with families is an essential responsibility of senior care facilities, but an outdated reliance on phone messaging has made it difficult and time-consuming," said Gary Hamilton, CEO of InteliChart. "By reducing the administrative burden on staff and providing families with easy access to health information, we aim to strengthen the bonds between caregivers and residents' families, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for all involved."

The long-term care industry is facing unprecedented labor challenges due to high levels of burnout and persistent staffing shortages. One strategy to relieve the strain placed on remaining staff is to use a unified communication solution like Family Portal to enhance communication between caregivers and facilities while streamlining labor.

Family Portal empowers healthcare organizations to efficiently communicate with not only individual family members, but also staff and family groups via a central, time-saving dashboard. Broadcast messaging can communicate critical updates, general announcements, and emergency notifications to staff, residents, and families simultaneously. Secure group messaging can communicate with multiple family members at the same time to share information and updates. All messaging delivered through the platform is trackable, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

In addition to the benefits of increased security and privacy afforded by the platform, Family Portal helps ensure accountability and consistency when communicating with families, introducing a level of communication quality control that traditional phone communication cannot offer. Another benefit of Family Portal is that it helps promote work-life balance for staff by minimizing the need to use personal contact information with families, decreasing the incidence of after-hours calls to staff's personal devices by family members.

Moreover, Family Portal is compatible with numerous long-term-care, skilled nursing, and assisted living electronic health record (EHR) platforms, such as PointClickCare, thanks to discreet, bi-directional API integration. Authorized family members gain real-time access to their loved ones' health information, eliminating the need for phone calls to request updates.

"Our Family Portal is a significant leap forward in reimagining the dynamics between senior care facilities and families, with a focus on strengthening connections and reducing workload for staff," Hamilton said. "It not only improves staff satisfaction and reduces workload stress and burnout, but it also positions senior care organizations to differentiate themselves by demonstrating a profound commitment to their residents."

To learn more about Family Portal, click here.

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