InteliChart and Senior Care Support Services Announce New Partnership to Alleviate Burnout in Senior Care Facilities

March 19, 2024 | By The InteliChart Team

Combining powerful technology and ongoing community support to unburden senior care facilities of non-clinical tasks

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- InteliChart, the award-winning leader in patient engagement solutions, today announced a unique partnership with Senior Care Support Services (SCSS), a specialist in administrative support for long-term care facilities. The alliance between InteliChart and SCSS is poised to set a new standard in organizational support and family engagement in the long-term care industry.

This collaboration is aimed at addressing the ongoing labor crisis in senior care. InteliChart's Family Portal is designed to streamline facility-family communication workflows, significantly reducing the labor-intensive task of managing inbound calls and enhancing regulatory compliance through its audit trail capabilities. By combining Family Portal with SCSS's expertise, organizations can anticipate a decrease in inbound phone calls from family members, less time spent on follow-up tasks, and better star ratings, all contributing to enhanced overall facility management.

"A partnership with SCSS represents a major step forward in our mission to transform communication within long-term care facilities," said Gary Hamilton, CEO of InteliChart. "Combining Family Portal with SCSS's services will further enhance its impact, helping facilities better manage workflows that are traditionally labor-intensive and impact work-life balance for staff. It presents a solution for organizations that want to avoid tasks that lead to worker burnout so staff can focus on care."

SCSS, recognized for its expertise in alleviating non-clinical administrative burdens for nursing teams, will incorporate InteliChart's Family Portal into its service offerings. This collaboration ensures seamless utilization of InteliChart's solution without the need to oversee implementation or ongoing family communication management. With SCSS providing white-glove implementation, client communications, and ongoing monitoring of family messaging, staff members are empowered with more time to focus on care-related tasks. Additionally, facilities can leverage SCSS's supplementary services including new resident opportunity development, direct community support, and nursing task delegation for additional workload relief.

Frances Carroll, principal and founder of SCSS, commented, "Our collaboration with InteliChart demonstrates our mission of reallocating nursing resources, increasing employee satisfaction, and enhancing resident and family satisfaction within long-term care facilities. It's a prime example of how we align specialized talent, tools, and proven methodologies to serve the senior care industry."

In an era marked by staffing challenges and the pervasive issue of burnout in the long-term care facilities, the partnership between InteliChart and SCSS emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. With a shared commitment to streamlining communication and administrative processes, this alliance sets the stage for a new era of efficiency, empowerment, and excellence in support for senior care professionals.

About InteliChart  

InteliChart delivers the award-winning Healthy Outcomes patient-engagement platform. This platform is tailored to help healthcare providers meet the digital health expectations of patients and achieve optimal health outcomes. Their comprehensive suite of patient engagement solutions includes the Patient Portal, Family Portal, Patient Intake, Patient Notify, Patient Survey, Patient Schedule, Patient Activate, and Patient eHealth. Renowned EHR vendors, hospitals, health systems, and medical practices have chosen InteliChart as their preferred patient engagement platform. These collective endorsements represent over 80 million patient records. InteliChart maintains API integration with more than 40 EHR systems, enabling seamless access to the entire suite of Healthy Outcomes solutions. For more detailed information about InteliChart and the Healthy Outcomes platform, visit 

About Senior Care Support Services (SCSS)

Senior Care Support Services (SCSS) is dedicated to serving senior living and senior care organizations by providing essential support to alleviate staffing issues, nurse burnout and customer service inefficiencies. Founded by tech startup CEO Frances Carroll, the SCSS team removes non-clinical business tasks from nursing and other care team members, reducing overall workloads and increasing available time for direct resident care. They accomplish this by aligning specialized talent, tools and proven healthcare support methodologies. As the senior care space continues to face challenges related to regulatory demands and staffing, SCSS serves as a bridge to a better climate with excellent ROI for care communities. For more information about Senior Care Support Services (SCSS) support programs, please visit

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