Patient Engagement & Effective Population Health Management

August 15, 2019 | By Wendy Bartlett

Patient Engagement_ The Cornerstone to Effective Population Health Management

InteliChart will be at next week’s National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Community Health Institute (CHI) in Chicago explaining how a strong patient engagement platform supports effective population health management.

NACHC serves as the leading national advocacy organization in support of community-based health centers and the expansion of health care access for the medically underserved and uninsured. In the coming year, the nation’s Community Health Centers will serve more people than ever with patient numbers projected to reach 29 million – that’s one in 12 Americans, according to NACHC estimates.

With a volume of patients that large, it’s critical that community health centers implement the best and most effective ways to manage patients and their care plans. Population health management technology enables organizations to gain deeper insights into their patients’ health status and trends.

[Infographic] Discover why a full suite of tools beyond the traditional patient  portal is necessary to truly drive engagement and satisfaction.

A complete and insightful perspective

The right population health management tool allows clinicians to leverage not just electronic health record and claims data, but also comprehensive data aggregated from throughout the care continuum and beyond. Deeper and broader information sets about patients’ social determinants of health, behaviors and non-clinical activities, combined with medical information, deliver a complete and insightful perspective to guide care decisions and interventions.

Social determinants offer a view of patients that enable more relevant care before, during, and after visits. One study estimates that more than 80 percent of outcomes are influenced by social determinants of health.

Care plan adherence

Providers who understand their patients can help guide them to overcome care obstacles. The ability to engage patients so they adhere to their care plan and make other positive health choices are key to any successful population health management initiative. Consider this:

  • 51 percent of patients would communicate with their doctors if they could do so via email or text
  • 46 percent of patients would feel more comfortable asking questions over those various media forms
  • Engaged patients are more likely to adhere to care plans
  • Text messages double the likelihood of adherence

Patient Activate: A simple approach to population health

Delivering an intensive level of preventative care support can be time-consuming for care managers and ineffective if outreach is not targeted. Patient Activate, one of the solutions on InteliChart’s Healthy Outcomes platform, automates communication with lower-risk patients so care managers can focus their skills on helping complex, challenging patients follow their care plan. Our simple approach focuses on managing the health of your patients by:

  • Aggregating patient clinical data across all your disparate EHR systems.
  • Determining your organization's most significant operational key performance indicators, establishing intervention goals, and using Patient Activate's extensive query capabilities to define your patient populations
  • Stratifying risk with unlimited criteria, including social determinants of health. The platform automatically searches the database for at-risk patients. Building rules-based campaigns that define interventions and automatically delivers them via phone call, letter, postcard, email, text or survey.
  • Generating instant reports and benchmarking with real-time dashboards to show key metrics that allow data analysis at the patient, provider and organizational levels.
  • Analyzing your performance and determining if modifications need to be made to attain patient outcomes goals and quality measure performance.

Experience the Healthy Outcomes Platform at NACHC CHI

Stop by booth #201 at NACHC CHI to see the power of the Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform and learn about the ease of one integration, working with a single vendor for multiple solutions, and the efficiency of data from all sources syncing back to a practice’s EHR.

We’ll show you how consistent patient engagement drives successful population health management. You’ll understand how a positive, memorable experience encourages patients to take a more active role in improving their outcomes, resulting in lower costs and greater value-based care payments for your organization.

Why Patient Engagement Requires a Platform