Orchestrated Patient Engagement

April 29, 2020 | By Wendy Bartlett

Orchestrated Patient Engagement

Orchestrated patient engagement makes a compelling contribution to a provider’s effort to appeal to healthcare consumers. This blog explores how properly orchestrated patient engagement can attract and retain patients, streamline workflows, support healthy outcomes, and build an organization’s brand.NRC Health found in their research that “organizations need to stretch beyond the narrow confines of the care encounter and take stock of every interaction a patient has with their brand.”

When you think about it, interaction with your brand begins when a consumer finds you through an online search and spans all the way through them leaving you a review. What’s the best way to engage people as both consumers and patients throughout that interaction? By giving them what they want and need on their own terms, when they’re ready, in a way that’s most appropriate for them. Orchestrated patient engagement…it’s not just a nicety in today’s consumer-drive world. It’s a necessity.

Opening the door to better health

The simple truth is people are consumers every day, but patients only on occasion. The average patient visits with a doctor for just one hour per year. What about the other 8,764 hours? Being face-to-face with a clinician for a single hour a year reinforces the importance of staying connected with patients between visits.

Deloitte says: “As patients’ role and influence in their health care increase, providers must shift accordingly and take advantage of emerging opportunities to establish more direct, personal relationships with the consumer.” When you make the commitment to consistently reach out to your patients with orchestrated patient engagement, you send the message that you value your relationship with them. That builds trust and opens the door for you to guide them on their journey to better health and well-being.

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Healthy Outcomes®: The platform for orchestrated patient engagement

When it comes to consumer/patient engagement, InteliChart has been at it for a while. Our Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform is a full suite of solutions with multiple methods for engaging people as both consumers and patients. The orchestrated patient engagement delivered through Healthy Outcomes begins even before someone becomes your patient. It starts when they, as a consumer, do a Google search to find you. Once they’ve decided you’re the right fit, they can click “Schedule an Appointment.” This takes them directly to the Patient Schedule solution where there is more information about your practice, a location map, and the ability to self-schedule an appointment.

When the convenience of a virtual visit is preferred, Patient eVisit gives you the flexibility to deliver high-quality care to your patients anytime, anywhere using your own network of providers, regardless of specialty.

After the appointment is made, Patient Notify delivers reminders according to the patient’s preference of e-mail, text or phone. Confirming the patient’s appointment reduces no-shows and increases the chances that patients keep their referral appointments.

Next Patient Intake automatically delivers the appropriate electronic forms for the patient to complete prior to the appointment or on any tablet in your waiting room. Forms are all workflow-configured and discreet data is delivered directly to your EHR and PM systems.

Once the appointment is complete, Patient Survey automatically sends out surveys that fulfill two functions: gaining insight into your patients’ experience, and satisfaction with your organization and collecting patient-reported outcomes.

At this point, a care plan is most likely in place. Patient Activate keeps you connected to your patients on a schedule you determine and is the vehicle for automating engagement that drives your population health efforts and positive patient outcomes. You can reach out to patients to encourage them to take their medications, follow through with their referrals, or see if they have questions about discharge instructions. Care managers can target their outreach, so they focus on their most complex patients. Patient Activate generates more touches with your patients with less burden on your staff.

The cornerstone of Healthy Outcomes - Patient Portal - gives your patients what they need to be active participants in their healthcare. We synchronize patients with their entire care-team across all inpatient and ambulatory care centers. Medical records, upcoming appointments, and lab results for their whole family are right at their fingertips, all in one convenient location. It’s intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and patients enjoy using it.

All seven of these solutions sit on the Healthy Outcomes platform, seamlessly working in harmony with one another. Your care team will welcome the simplicity of working with one vendor that provides multiple solutions and appreciate that automated patient engagement reduces their manual efforts. This is orchestrated engagement – everything you and your patients need in one, complete, brand-consistent engagement platform.

Learn more about Healthy Outcomes and orchestrated patient engagement today.  

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