Delivers the Industry’s Most Robust Automated Patient Communication Solution

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    Appointment Reminders

    Provide patients with convenient phone, text, email, and postcard reminders to eliminate no-shows.

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    Appointment Confirmation

    Patients can confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments through IVR calls and text messages.

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    Patient Billing

    Automated calls, texts, and emails gently remind patients of outstanding responsibilities and enable them to conveniently make payments.

Features & Benefits

Practice Announcements

New services, new openings, and closure notices are easily created and sent automatically.

Eliminate Workflow Inefficiencies

By enabling automated patient notifications the workflows associated with patient reminders disappear.

Decrease Missed Appointments

End the frustration and cost associated with missed appointments with multiple paths to appointment confirmation.

77% patients desire appointment change flexibility

$200 typical cost of a 60-minute no-show

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