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Why partner with InteliChart?

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization

Focus on your primary product offerings, while we fulfill all your patient-engagement requirements.

Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge

Benefit from our knowledge of the patient-engagement space, and our concentrated effort to deliver market-leading functionality.

Revenue Impact

Revenue Impact

Crystal-clear, top-line and bottom-line revenue impact that makes partnering with us a very simple decision.

Maintain your competitive position.

We preserve your ability to innovate in a manner that resonates most with your existing user base and prospective new users, mitigating client churn and
helping you maintain your competitive position.

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A single integration yields access to the HealthyOutcomes platform, allowing deployment of one, some or all of our solutions. We developed a complete and comprehensive API to drive quick and painless integration, though we’re not limited to our API – we can also accept
data through legacy HL7, CCDA, and delimited files.

The solution suite


Patient engagement powered through a single API. HealthyOutcomes provides solutions that improve patient engagement and lead to better patient outcomes.

InteliChart PatientIntake


PatientIntake enables the patient to complete forms easily before their visit and eliminates redundancy for the patient by not having to provide the same information multiple times.

PatientIntake is designed to work with our PatientPortal solution to increase adoption by making the registration process part of every visit.

InteliChart PatientPortal


A robust portal that enables patients to actively manage their healthcare with all clinical data in a single view across any device.

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InteliChart PatientSurvey


PatientSurvey enables you to deliver automated surveys to quantify patient satisfaction and to capture patient reported outcomes.

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InteliChart PatientNotify


PatientNotify will automate your patient communications, such as appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, and organizational announcements.

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InteliChart PopulationHealth


PatientActivate enables you tackle the health of your population head on with a simple approach: aggregate patient data, select metrics to impact, create automated campaigns, and see outcomes.

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InteliChart InteliChart

Access to a Premium Patient Engagement Platform

When you partner with InteliChart, you receive high-demand engagement products from an organization that's 100% focused on the patient. We’ve been
on the forefront of the patient-engagement space since 2010, and that’s
where we remain as our solution suite continually evolves.

Our partners appreciate the premium product we deliver to them, especially
a platform that has sustainability in this growing market. Partners can also
add the familiarity of their own brand by white labeling the products in
our HealthyOutcomes suite.

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Our Partners

InteliChart has a rich history of successfully partnering with HIT vendors who rely on us for product innovation and development for their patient-engagement products. The HealthyOutcomes platform maintains integration with over 30 EHR products, including:

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