InteliChart – Healthcare Data Solutions Partnership

May 28, 2019 | By Wendy Bartlett

Leading healthcare information technology provider, InteliChart, announced the expansion of their partnership with Healthcare Data Solutions, ensuring patients and their providers of care stay connected while assisting practices with Meaningful Use.

Healthcare Data Solutions provides cost effective, high-quality, cutting-edge solutions for physicians that reduce costs and streamline operations while increasing reimbursements

InteliChart provides a suite of products designed to support today’s health initiatives through connected health. InteliChart’s solutions facilitate Patient Engagement, Health Information Exchange, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Patient Care Coordination and Reducing Hospital Readmissions. InteliChart’s Patient Portal solution allows patients to easily and effectively connect to their providers and participate in the management of their own health.

InteliChart will help HDS’s Allscripts providers to the InteliChart Patient Portal to help their patients stay engaged with both their practice and the management of their own health. The InteliChart Patient Portal will help fulfill the demand of providing patients 24×7 connectivity to their healthcare information. By providing solutions designed to keep active patients active and have convenient access to both their providers and healthcare information, HDS’s providers are well positioned to fulfill meaningful use stage 2 requirements.

“The agreement between Healthcare Data Solutions and InteliChart allows medical practices to benefit from a partnership that addresses current business challenges while ensuring groups are well prepared for the coming shifts in healthcare” said Gary Hamilton, President, InteliChart. “By leveraging the experience within both companies and applying our unique backgrounds, the patient, practice and provider will see an increase in patient satisfaction, operational efficiency while addressing MU.”

“The published meaningful use criteria makes it clear that a Patient Portal and Personal Health Record (PHR) solution will be essential for medical practices,” said Chad Novitski, CEO, Healthcare Data Solutions. “Physicians are in need of cost effective solutions that produce a positive impact for their practice, workflow and patients; our partnership with InteliChart addresses that need.”

About Healthcare Data Solutions
Healthcare Data Solutions provides fully integrated, turn-key healthcare solutions and services to physicians and providers throughout the country. With over a decade of EHR and IT experience, Healthcare Data Solutions has the knowledge to provide its clients with cost effective, high-quality, cutting-edge solutions to reduce costs streamline operations while increasing reimbursements. For more information please call 786-512-7283.

About InteliChart
InteliChart delivers Healthy Outcomes, the market-leading, patient-engagement platform that helps providers attain superior patient outcomes. The Healthy Outcomes solution suite consists of Patient Portal, Patient Intake, Patient Notify, Patient Survey and Patient Activate.

Located in Fort Mill, SC, InteliChart was founded in 2010. Industry-leading EHR vendors, hospitals, health systems and physician practices have selected InteliChart as their patient engagement platform, collectively representing more than 28,000 client organizations and 30 million patients. We integrate with 30-plus EHR products and a single integration accesses all the solutions in our Healthy Outcomes suite.