Patient Portal.

Satisfy Meaningful Use requirements while giving patients a great experience.

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Use our API platform to seamlessly integrate InteliChart Patient Portal with your EHR.

2015 ONC MU3 Certified.

Let our solution do the work for you. Our technology allows you to meet the requirements, which allows your resources to focus on primary products. By integrating through our API, your organization gains access to an award-winning patient portal along with our other patient engagement and outcomes solutions.

Online Scheduling.

Allow patients to book their appointments, the same way they book their airline travel.

Online Payments.

Make it easy for patients to receive and pay their bills online – 835 format for easy import.

Patient E-Forms.

Collect patient information before and after visits and import results to your EHR.

Mobile Healthcare.

Mobile app provides patients with convenient 24/7 access to their healthcare providers.

Patient Care Plans.

Stay in sync with patients and their adherence to your prescribed care plans.

One Patient Portal.

Patients have the convenience of a single patient portal for all healthcare providers.

Interested in a patient portal solution that you can leverage to ease your development burden? Check our PDF.