About InteliChart

Completely Committed to Connected Health

Passion and Commitment - two words that come to mind when describing our approach to Connected Health.

We set out to create a better way of connecting doctors, patients, and communities. We leveraged decades of experience delivering EHR solutions to thousands of providers representing millions of patients. We've implemented our technologies over several years alongside partner products to gain valuable insight on which methodologies work best and produce the most successful outcomes. Our efforts and commitment have resulted in a better way to connected health.

Decreasing the number of healthcare connections will exponentially increase connected health. The InteliChart solution is based on this notion and allows us to facilitate connectivity and information exchange for doctors, hospitals and patients through a single connection. This means that a provider practice can connect to their reference labs, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and patients by establishing one connection to InteliChart. Hospitals can connect to their patients and a community of ambulatory practices through a single connection to InteliChart. Patients will have access to all their aggregated healthcare information through a single patient portal.

In developing InteliChart our efforts focused on establishing a platform that could accommodate each organization’s unique requirements for connected health. This could range from a practice deploying a patient portal, to a hospital distributing discharge summaries to post-acute providers, to a community wide health information exchange. Whatever the need, InteliChart has the flexibility to accommodate each organizations specific requirements for connected health.

Completely Commited to Connected Health

Our commitment is further emphasized in our fees which start as low as $99 monthly per provider.

We didn't forget to address one of the primary obstacles to connected health - cost. Each of the InteliChart solutions is very cost effective.