How to Encourage Patient Engagement for Each Generation    

On-Demand Webinar

Patient engagement technology has the power to transform healthcare by improving health outcomes and streamlining provider workflows to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  

However, that power can only be harnessed when patient engagement technology is used consistently by patients. What makes this challenging is that patients span different generations – from the Silent Generation to Gen Z – each of which have different preferences, competencies, and views on how and when to use technology.  

Successful patient engagement needs to reach across the generations and use tools and strategies that resonate with each age group. 

Watch the on-demand webinar now and learn how your organization can encourage all generations to become engaged in their care through technology.  

Examples of topics to be discussed include:  

  • How to encourage patient portal use across the generations 
  • Features to help make online scheduling easy and accessible 
  • How to help each generation feel comfortable during virtual visits 
  • Meeting the technology expectations of younger generations
  • And more! 

Learn how to encourage patient engagement among all the generations.