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InteliChart's Healthy Outcomes platform is the #1 rated patient engagement platform for the second year in a row!

Black Book is a completely independent provider of competitive intelligence, with a network of over 2.5 million healthcare IT users. This segment of the Black Book Patient Engagement Software and Outsourcing survey polled 5,698 health system executives, physicians, clinicians, and IT specialists from 716 hospitals and healthcare delivery networks and 2,054 physician organizations. The survey used 18 key performance indicators (KPIs) to rank the top in-demand patient engagement technologies. Scores for each category are determined based on overall customer satisfaction. 

In this most recent report, InteliChart earned the #1 ranking among 20 competitive patient engagement solutions. Keep reading to see how the top-rated solutions ranked. 

2024 Patient Engagement Platform Perfomance Summary

#1 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Rankings for InteliChart

Black Book's key performance indicators
Overall Rank

What this score measures: This rank references the final position of all 18 criteria averaged by the mean score collectively. 

Why we earned the top ranking: InteliChart is the #1 ranked Patient Engagement and Consumer Outreach solution because of it's high scores among the 18 KPIs Black Book measures.

InteliChart earned the highest client ratings in 13 of 18 KPIs Black Book measures, including best of breed technology; strategic alignment of client goals; innovation and optimization; training; trust and ethics; breadth of offerings; deployment and implementation; customization; reliability; marginal value adds; managerial stability; support and customer care; and brand image and marketing. For the remaining five categories, InteliChart ranked second in four of them, demonstrating its consistent leadership across the board.

Best Breed of Technology

What this score measures:  Technology that elevates its customers through advanced capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment, streamlined processes, high-quality deliverables, professional staff, strong leadership, rigorous quality assurance, and innovative initiatives. The vendor's services meet or exceed current or former in-house service levels. The technology is up-to-date and relevant for exchanging health information among providers, while also offering robust patient access and interoperability.

Why we earned the top ranking: InteliChart is committed to continuously innovating our products and services via quarterly releases. This allows our customers to spend more time focusing on their patients and less on the back-end technology and infrastructure required to support them.

Strategic Alignment

What this score measures: Organizational structure meets the needs of stakeholders or customers, and stakeholder satisfaction is the most important priority. Patient engagement solutions client is likely to recommend the vendor to similar sized provider organizations within the same geography, specialty, or delivery setting.

Why we earned the top ranking: Each InteliChart customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who meets with them regularly to discuss their organizational goals and ensure our solutions are helping them achieve those goals. If any gaps are identified, we address them in a future quarterly release. Our customer satisfaction is demonstrated through several channels, including case studies, press releases, online review sites, and KLAS.

Innovation & Optimization

What this score measures: Customers are continuing to push the envelope for further enhancements to which the vendor is responsive. Patient Engagement Management Solutions clients also believe that their vendors’ technology is helping them manage business and care units more effectively, generate accurate records and reimbursement billings and cut their overhead in ways that were difficult or impossible to accomplish before innovation solutions were implemented. 

Why we earned the top ranking: Our mission has always been to deliver innovative solutions that create a better way for patients to engage with their health, while streamlining provider and practice management workflows. We continuously monitor and analyze industry trends to provide the solutions our clients need most. Recently, we have implemented several critical enhancements to make patient engagement easier than ever. These enhancements include automated waitlist functionality, insurance and eligibility verification, enhanced bill pay capabilities, a new mobile app, and more. 


What this score measures: The vendor leadership provides significant and meaningful training opportunities for internal employees and client staff. Leadership strives to develop technology staff, client service and customer servicing consultant employees. Training modules are effective and practical so that minimal post-implementation training is required on or off site. Regular updates are timely and require minimal training to implement.

Why we earned the top ranking: At InteliChart, we believe in empowering our clients to get the most out of our products. During implementation, customers undergo comprehensive training sessions tailored to their needs and unique workflows so they can hit the ground running quickly. After implementation, we communicate new features and functionalities to clients through quarterly release webinars, followed by additional training sessions as needed. Our customer Knowledge Base also provides all necessary documentation for new features and releases, allowing our clients to access this information 24/7.

Trust & Ethics

What this score measures: Trust in enterprise reputation is important to Patient Engagement Solutions clients as well as prospects. Client possesses an understanding that its vendor organization has the people, processes, and resources to effectively deliver the desired business and clinical results, based on its industry reputation and past performance. There are no disconnects between promises and delivery.

Why we earned the top ranking: Earning the trust of our clients is something we don't take lightly. While some vendors have a history of overpromising and underdelivering, we'll never make a promise that we can't keep. We have a proven track record of driving tangible results for our clients and there is no disconnect between promises made and results delivered.


Breadth of Offerings

What this score measures: The vendor offers industry recognized horizontal functionality and vertical industry applications and manage bundled services and developing new healthcare technology initiatives. Vendors routinely drive operational performance improvements and results in the areas they affect. The breadth of vendor contract management modules offers comprehensive system services and broad modules.

Why we earned the top ranking: InteliChart offers the most comprehensive patient engagement platform on the market, eliminating the need to work with multiple vendors for engagement and creating an optimized patient experience. Our platform consists of solutions that cater to each stage of the patient journey, including a patient portal, online self-scheduling, digitized patient intake, automated patient outreach and reminders, two-way texting, virtual visits, and population health solutions.

Deployment & Implementation

What this score measures: Patient engagement solutions client deploys at a pace acceptable to the client. Software implementation time meets standard expectations. Implementations are efficient and sensitive to users’ specific situations, which may cause delays.

Why we earned the top ranking: All InteliChart clients must undergo a comprehensive implementation process for each product they use. The implementation time varies by product, ranging from 3 to 14 weeks. We firmly believe that successful training and implementation are crucial for product adoption and success, so we take great care to focus on this process.


What this score measures: Patient engagement products and services are customized to meet the unique needs of specific provider client purpose, processes and care delivery models. Little resistance is encountered when changing performance measurements as clients’ needs vary. Extraordinary efforts are made to adapt and convert client special needs into workable solutions with efficient cost and time considerations. Software allows for modifications that are not costly or complex.

Why we earned the top ranking: We understand that every healthcare practice is different, which is why we never require our clients to use or pay for functionality they don't need. Instead, all solutions within the Healthy Outcomes patient engagement platform can be used individually or in combination with other products according to our clients' needs.



What this score measures: Patient Engagement Solutions supplier meets agreed terms as evidenced by routine, acceptable service level reporting and industry expectations. Depth and breadth of applications/solutions are acceptable in meeting client needs. Online reliability meets expectations, and outages/downtimes are minimized. Solid product and service capacities are demonstrated consistently. Service levels are consistently met as agreed. Services and support response is expedient and provided with appropriate resources by vendor team.

Why we earned the top ranking: Ensuring dependable performance is a key driver of our client's success. With a 99.9%+ uptime, we outperform competitors, ensuring seamless operations even when the EHR is inaccessible—an unmatched advantage in the industry. In fact, our Patient Portal has better uptime than Amazon's AWS or Google's GWS. 

Marginal Value Adds

What this score measures: Beyond stimulus achievement, the vendors' cost savings are realized as generally estimated and not over-positioned or over/underestimated in ways that affect major client satisfaction or costs. Vendor offers value-adds as a consumer/provider partner in cost savings and avoidance initiatives and creative programs through bundled product design. Provides true business transformation opportunities to physician practices, hospitals and other healthcare delivery settings.

Why we earned the top ranking: Many healthcare organizations are leveraging solutions from multiple vendors to achieve their patient engagement goals. This results in a fragmented patient engagement system, where each solution struggles to communicate with the others. Consequently, patients experience dissatisfaction, providers face disrupted workflows, and overall patient engagement suffers.

Our Healthy Outcomes platform was built to alleviate these challenges, offering solutions that span the entire patient journey. Each solution was developed in-house using the same code base. This integrated approach breaks down silos, streamlines information management, ensures a consistent user experience across solutions, and generally costs less than using a variety of solutions from different vendors.

Managerial Stability

What this score measures: Vendor’s viability, employee turnover, financial stability and/or cultural mismatches do not threaten relationship. Senior management and the board exemplify strong leadership principles to steward appropriate resources that impact buyers. Client is confident of long-term industry viability for this vendor based on investments, client adoption, exceptional outcomes, and service levels. Field management is notably competent, stable, and supportive of clients. The vendor demonstrates and provides evidence of competent fiscal management and leadership.

Why we earned the top ranking: When partnering with InteliChart, you’re choosing a company that not only understands the unique challenges of patient engagement but also boasts a wealth of industry expertise. Our executive leadership has an average tenure of over 19 years, with many team members having contributed to the development of our flagship Patient Portal.

Support & Customer Care

What this score measures: Account management provides an adequate amount of onsite administration and support to clients. There exists a formal account management program that meets client needs. Media and clients reference this vendor as a Patient Engagement Solutions and services leader and top vendor correctly. Customer services and relationship satisfaction is manifested through significant flagship clients as well as smaller and newest customers similarly. 

Why we earned the top ranking: We understand the importance of having technology that works consistently and reliably—that's why we're proud to maintain 99.9% uptime. However, when challenges do arise, we have a dedicated support team ready to troubleshoot client concerns and questions. All clients have access to an online customer support portal, enabling them to submit support tickets, browse Knowledge Base articles, and read product documentation 24/7.

Our customers also engage with their Account Managers on a regular basis to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and that our solutions are continuously helping our customers achieve their goals. 

Brand Image & Marketing

What this score measures: The vendor’s marketing and sales statements/pitches are accurately and appropriately represented by actual product and service deliverables. The image is consistent with top rankings. Sales presentations and proposals are delivered upon and corporate integrity/honesty in marketing. An elevated level of relevant client communications enhances the vendor – customer/user relationship.

Why we earned the top ranking: We empower our customers with resources and information to help them succeed with our products—before, during, and after the sales process. These resources are available through various channels, including a robust library of educational materials in the Resource Center, product brochures and videos, ongoing release webinars, monthly customer newsletters, and more!

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